Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Sirrs, Mr. Elmer J. Male 1957
Goudie, Mr. James Male 1870
Richardson, Mrs. Sarah Ann Female John Richardson 1847
Charbonnel, Monseigneur Male First Upper Canadian archbishop of Toronto 1891
Cosens, Michelle Female 1965
Scruton, Mr. Harold Kendall Male 1958
Sorley, Mrs. Female W. B. Sorely 1854
Crombie, Mr. Ernestus M. A. Male 1883
Hepburn, Mr. Mitchell F. Male 1953
Alban, Mr. Male
Draper, Mr. Selby Male 1948
Althouse, Mr. John George Male 1956
Vincent, Mother Mary Female 1961
Arnold, Mr. Benedict Male 1801
Dillon, Mr. John B. Male 1954
Donovan, Justice William James Male 1949
Odette, Mr. Louis L. Male 1961
Woods, Col. James Hossack Male 1941
Robinette, Mrs. Edith M. Female T. C. Robinette 1953
Knott, Mr. John A. Male 1947
Madoe, Mr. J. H. Male Lawyer 1855
Whitehead, Rev. Thomas Male 1846
Marcia, Mother Mary Female 1956
Wilkinson, Mr. Thomas Male 1956
Forrest, Mr. Edmund William Male Novelist 1880
Gordon, Mrs. Gretta J. Female Arthur St. Clair Gordon 1955
Richardson, Mr. Charles Male Clerk of the peace 1848
Chant, Mr. Christopher William Male 1959
Scott, Mr. William Male Merchant 1807
Snow, Mr. Charles George Male 1957
Chisholm, Mr. William Male Late M. P. P. for Halton and one of the founders of Oakville 1842
Clark, Rev. Dr. Wylie Cable Male 1941
Stenhouse, Mr. Alexander Thomson Male 1961
Hallowell, Mr. William Male
Stewart, Prof. Louis B. Male 1937
Conolly, Mr. Bards Male 1972
Davidson, Mrs. Helen Female Dorwin Leslie Davidson 1961
McTavish, Mr. John George Male
Mulholland, Mr. Percival Craick Male 1949
Riley, Louise Female 1957
Watson, Mrs. Female Noble J. Watson 1956
Downing, Mr. James A. Male 1942
King, Mr. Edward William Male 1946
Ferrier, Mr. George Norton Male 1946
Rose, Mr. Howard E. Male 1958
Bell, Miss. E. A. J. Female 1946
Rowand, Miss. Margaret Louisa Female
Gordon, Mr. Adam Male M. P. for North Ontario 1876
Macdonald, Dr. James Orville Male 1947
Slingsby, Lt. Ernest Hodgson Male 1944