Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Campbell, Mr. M. S. Male 1941
Beattie, Mr. William Walter Male 1934
McCullough, Mr. Norman McKenzie Male 1960
Merry, Mrs. Alice Ruperta Female R. H. Meryy 1958
Snelgrove, Miss. Helen Marie Female 1946
Cashman, Mr. Charles P. Male 1958
Milligan, Miss. Frances Female 1956
Moeller, Mr. Arnold Peter Male 1965
Brown, Mr. Francis Frederick Middleton Male 1950
Kerby, Col. William Male 1877
Gillespie, Mr. William Male Author and journalist 1886
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Gertrude E. Female John H. Fitzgerald 1952
Watson, Mr. Gilbert Male 1959
King, Dr. James Harold Male 1949
Porter, Mr. Paul Male 1968
White, Miss. Mary E. Female 1977
Young, Prof. A. H. Male 1935
Radegonde, Rev. Mother M. Female 1953
Balmer, Mrs. Alma Mae Female H. Clark Balmer 1947
Lowry, Dr. William Herbert Male 1942
Rheaume, Dr. Pierre Z. Male 1935
Beard, Miss. Mary Female 1947
McCance, Mr. Larry Male 1970
Bourke, Mr. Charles W. Male 1958
Duff, Mr. Gegore Syman Male 1957
Boyle, Col. J. W. Male Soldier of [?]
McGregor, Mrs. Hazel Female McGregor 1961
D'Egville, Sir Howard Male 1965
Brewing, Mrs. Female Willard Brewing 1958
McKenzie, Mr. William Lyon Male 1954
Simonsky, Mrs. Annie Female Simon Simonsky 1956
Clark, Mr. Joseph T. Male 1937
Brown, Dr. Miles G. Male 1949
McLeod, Mr. John Male 1849
Mowat, Mr. Arthur MacLaren Male 1958
Turley, Mr. William Edward Male 1954
Johnston, Mr. Frederick James Male 1944
Frizello, Mary Elizabeth Female 1948
Parry, Prof. Male 1896
Dickens, Mr. Francis Jeffray Male Sub-inspector of the R.N.W.M.P. 1886
Foley, Pearl Beatrix Female 1953
Webster, Mrs. Annie A. Female A. E. Webster 1955
Gordon, Mr. Huntley Kay Male 1949
Kribs, Mr. Louis P. Male Journalist 1898
Wickett, Mr. Harry Alfred Male 1956
Skelton, Mr. Alex Male 1950
Heddle, Mr. Robert Male Clerk in Bank of Montreal 1860 Consumption
McBride, Mr. Francis Joseph Male 1956
Caouette, Mr. Joseph David Real Male 1976
Cawthra, Major John Joseph Male 1951