Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Fraser, Mr. John Male
Bookless, Mr. John Male 1952
Hara, Mr. Randall B. Male 1957
Caswell, Mrs. Clara Female Edward Caswell 1945
Grant, Hon. Charles Male
McDonald, Mr. G. Nevin Male 1954
Milton, Mr. George Henderson Male 1956
Crombie, Mr. Marcus C. Male Headmaster of Toronto Grammar School 1852
Monahan, Mr. Thomas Louis Male 1944
Morehouse, Mrs. Laura B. Female A. N. Morehouse 1955
Stoakley, Miss. Mabel Female 1967
Tooke, Mr. Sidney Male 1953
Draper, Mr. William George Male Judge of the County Court 1868
Bull, Mrs. Female H. B. Bull 1855
Davies, Rev. H. W. Male 1895
Bate, Mr. Stuart Cameron Male 1959
Embree, Mr. Clarence William Male 1957
Fax, Mr. Reuben Male Canadian comedian 1908
Gardiner, Dr. William John Male 1943
Little, Dr. Herbert M. Male 1934
Pugsley, Mr. John Morton Male 1946
Gillard, Mr. John Alexander Male 1948
Campbell, Mr. John Saxton Male 1855
Mason, Dr. W. R. Male 1962
Fraser, Florence I. Female 1961
Bourke, Mr. F. J. Male 1955
Boyle, Dr. George Male 1956
Chisholm, Mrs. Dorothy Alice Female R. F. Chisholm 1960
Sproule, Rev. William Robinson Male 1959
Auldjo, Everetta Female
Brown, Dr. W. Gordon Male 1957
Moffatt, Mr. James John Male 1946
Shilstra, Dr. Anna Mcconnell Female A. J. Shilstra 1942
Hallowell, Mrs. Martha Female William Hallowell 1849
Irving, Jean Harriett Female 1954
Stewart, Rev. Dr. J. L. Male 1946
Dulmage, Mr. George Male 1959
Bartlett, Mr. William Henry Male 1947
McTavish, Rev. D. C. Male 1955
Murray, Mr. John Watson Male Detective 1906
Taylor, Miss. Lois Julie Female 1957
Kaake, Ethel Female 1965
Walker, Mr. William Male 1844
Walker, Mr. William Male 1844
Willison, Lady Female 1938
Dickson, Mr. John S. Male 1953
Gallow, Mr. William G. Male 1957
Potter, Mrs. Ada May Female W. A. Potter 1956
Roden, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Female Alfred John Roden 1955
Ramsay, Dr. George A. Male 1950