Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Milloy, Capt. Male 1855
Huson, Mr. A. Gordon Male 1958
McIntosh, Mr. Duncan Male
Steiner, Miss. Florence Bertha Female 1946
Carlisle, Mrs. Phyllis Wilson Female F. K. Carlisle 1954
James, Mr. William Male Author 1827
Carty, Mr. John Hunter Male 1958
McMichael, Mr. Ainslie Male 1958
Duguay, Mr. Jean-Pierre Male 1965
Jenoves, Mrs. Louisa Ray Female William Jenoves 1959
Burns, Mrs. Female A. Gordon Burns 1955
Eustes, Mrs. Florence Elizabeth Female William S. Eustes 1952
Piper, Rev. Canon F. C. Male 1937
Osborne, Mr. J. B. Male Gentleman 1853
Wright, Mr. John Male Hotel keeper 1897 Disease of bone
Labelle, Msgr. Male 1891
Manley, Major Frederich Fitzpayne Male City mayor 1907
Rose, Mr. Charles Male 1958
Wilford, Mr. Edward Corry Male 1956
Hammell, Mrs. Alice Belva Female John Edward Hammell 1960
Hart, Mr. Leslie M. Male 1960
Mackintosh, Mrs. Mary Archange Female Angus MacIntosh 1827
Broughall, Mrs. Helen Cynthia Female 1957
Hilton, Mr. Hugh G. Male
McLeod, Mrs. Cecilia Caldwell Female 1957
Trainor, Dr. Owen C. Male 1956
Dudley, Mr. William Male 1947
Moyer, Mr. Clarence Webster Male 1952
Turner, Canon John Hudspith Male Church of England missionary 1947 Bullet wounds in brain
Johnston, Mr. James Male M.P. 1849
Van Norman, Rev. Daniel C. Male Professor and author 1886
Peak, Mr. Owen Male
Temple, Dr. Charles Algernon Male 1954
Hunter, Rev. Canon William Henry Male 1950
Wilson, Mr. Lee Male 1956
Kenrick, Dr. Frank Boteler Male 1951
Cockram, Mr. William Male 1957
Waters, Mr. Harry Dudley Male 1956
Douglas, Mr. William Colin Male 1956
Kilgour, Mr. R. Cecil Male
Roberts, Mr. Thomas Melville Male 1956
Price, Mr. Roland Arthur Male 1958
Kruger, Dr. W. C. Male 1955
Querrie, Mrs. Ida Female Charles Querrie 1956
Rome, Mr. George Male 1946
Black, Mary F. Female 1960
Macaulay, Mr. George Male Barrister-at-law 1828
Hardy, Mr. Everett M. Male 1948
Grant, Mr. James Male 1851
Anderson, Mr. Robert M. Male 1947