Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Ermatinger, Mr. Frederick William Male Inspector and Superintendent of Police 1869
Kent, Mr. H. F. Edmund Male 1949
Gagnon, Mr. Clarence Male 1942
Girdwood, Mr. A. R. Male 1955
Bickell, Mr. J. Percival Male 1961
Hamilton, Mr. Joseph Male 1946
Macaulay, Mrs. L. Female 1963
Black, Mr. Samuel Male
Goutiere, Mr. George Male 1948
McCorkindale, Dr. William Menzies Male 1959
Smith, Mrs. Gretta Burden Female 1957
Appleby, Mrs. Katherine Leslie Female W. G. Appleby 1944
Coughlan, Mrs. Olive Female Timothy A. Coughlan 1948
McGreer, Rev. Dr. A. H. Male 1948
Silverthorn, Mrs. Victoria Female Gideon Silverthorn 1949
McLean, Rt. Rev. John Male First Anglican Bishop of Saskatchewan 1886
McNaught, Mrs. Eleanor Mildred Female William Carlton McNaught 1955
Ussher, Mr. John F.H. Male 1956
Taylor, Mrs. Florence M. Female Frank Denison Taylor 1954
Thompson, Mr. Dudley Talbot Male 1958
Kennedy, Mr. Roderick Stuart Male 1953
Oliver, Dr. B. Chone Male 1947
Pointon, Col. Euton Thomas Male 1953
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Livingstone, Mr. Hereward David Male 1955
Purvis, Rt. Hon. Arthur B. Male 1941
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Young, Dr. J. Perry Male 1961
Fischer, Mr. Dwight M. Male 1958
Kopplin, Mr. George Arthur Male
Livingstone, Mr. J. Mc E. Male 1955
Fletcher-Copp, Mrs. Evelyn Female Alfred E. Fletcher-Copp 1945
Loukides, Mrs. Nellie Female 1958
Marr, Mr. William H. Male 1968
Foster, Mona Female 1976
Sampson, Mr. J. Ernest Male 1946
Smith, Mr. William Male 1853
Hatch, Mrs. Jennie Female Herbert E. Hatch 1965
Middleton, Capt. F. S. Male 1946
Milroy, Mrs. Mabel Female James Milroy 1959
Shatford, Rev. Canon Alan P. Male 1935
Austin, Judge Joseph Male 1871
Hutchison, Winnifred A. Female 1954
Cunningham, Mr. Thomas Male 1965
Barber, Mr. Ernest Watson Male 1946
Bryce, Mr. Melbourne H. Male 1956
Trumbell, Mrs. Anna Ella Female J. E. Trumbell 1956
Charland, Hon. Alfred Napoleon Male 1901
Sweetman, Mrs. Alice Anne Female E. Osborne Sweetman 1944
Howard, Mr. J. G. Male 1890