Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Kavanagh, Mr. James E. Male 1957
Wilson, Mr. Male 1854
Thomas, Rev. Amos J. Male 1947
Plees, Mr. A. F. Male 1855 Consumption
Roach, Mr. Guy R. Male
Weaver, Emily Poynton Female 1943
Belgraho, Mr. Frank N. Male 1959
Campbell, Mr. P. Male 1856 Drowned
Forsyth, Mr. William Male
Mason, Miss. Louise Emily Female 1946
Fraser, Kathleen Female 1954
Shannon, Mr. William Male Appointed deputy postmaster of Kingston 1870
Berg, Col. Jan van den Male 1961
Shirra, Mrs. Frances Harriet Female William Shirra 1955
Cummer, Father William Ernest Male 1942
Halpenny, Mr. James Leroy Male 1958
Argue, Mr. A. Whitney Male 1952
Morrow, Mr. John Duncanson Male 1947
Trimble, Mrs. Beatrice Mary Male J. Duncan Trimble 1947
Sutton, Mrs. Eva Female Francis Sutton 1956
Paton, Mrs. Margaret Female Colin O. Paton 1957
Nelson, Mrs. Gladys Female Curtis I. Nelson 1954
Dickson, Mrs. Muriel Florence Female John S. Dickson 1946
Pettigrew, Miss. Margaret S. Female 1955
Evans, Mr. Robert Ramsey Male 1951
Woodhouse, Mr. Cuthbert Male Officer in the corporate trust department of the National Trust Co. Helen Woodhouse 1952
Watt, Mr. Frederic Male 1957
Galt, Kate Female 1956
Wells, Mr. Clarence Yonge Male 1850
Lindsell, Mr. Gerald Male 1953
Zimmer, Mr. Charles Gordon Male 1946
Ramsay, Mr. Hew Male 1857
Carleton, Mr. John Male 1954
MacGregor, Mr. Donald C. Male 1942
Saunders, Mr. Sidney Adams Male 1952
Copp, Prof. Walter P. Male 1946
Smyth, Mr. William J.H. Male 1958
McElheran, Mrs. Irene Female Robert Benjamin McEleran 1955
Jaffray, Mrs. Minnie Female Robert Alexander Jaffray 1946
McManus, Mrs. Margaret Mary Female D. T. McManus 1955
Conn, Capt. Hartly Robert Male 1943
Backhouse, Lt.-Col. John Male 1827
DeMont, Mr. A. Gordon Male 1953
Pearo, Major E. A. Male 1957
Walker, Mr. Frank Norman Male Physician and writer of historical books 1973
Keith, Mr. George Male Late chief factor of Hudson's Bay Company 1859
Barker, Rose Hannah Female 1944
Bateson, Mrs. Mary Female William H. Bateson 1956
Watson, Dr. William V. Male 1945
Escalante, Mr. Cesar Male 1965