Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Thomas, Dr. M. A. Ross Male 1946
Dickson, Mr. Robert Male 1823
Petry, Mr. A. McN. Male 1955
Watson, Sir Brook Male Ex-M.P. 1807
Wood, Squadron Leader Edward P. Male 1959
Gallow, Mrs. Bertha Female Joseph O. Gallow 1945
Ferris, Mr. R. H. C. Male 1955
Geddes, Mr. W. Roy Male 1954
Gilbert, Nora Female 1957
Manning, Mr. Frederick Jerman Melache Male 1958
Lomas, Mr. Isaac Ward Male 1946
Ramsay, Hon. Thomas Kennedy Male 1886
Campbell, Mr. Andrew Roy Male 1958
Lugsdin, Mr. Laurence Male 1946
Regan, Elizabeth Female 1954
Fraleigh, Mrs. Frances Female J. S. Fraleigh 1951
Gordon, Mr. Charles Harkness Male 1946
Matthews, Mrs. Annabel Margaret Female W. L. Matthews 1961
Carter, Ruth A. C. Female 1965
MacKnight, Rev. Robert Male 1946
Smyth, Mr. C. B. Male Lawyer 1856
Crawford, Mr. William Male 1839
Sherk, Mr. Herbert Male 1953
Cutts, Mr. William Malcolm Male 1943
McQueen, Mr. James Male 1954
Muckle, Mr. W. D. Male 1959
Sutherland, Dr. J. Arthur Male 1952
Tennent, Mr. Gordon Male 1958
Williams, Mrs. Female Victor Williams 1957
Dick, Capt. Thomas Male Proprietor of the Queen's Hotel and ship captain 1874
Latham, Mr. Jacob Male 1854
Neill, Col. Agnes C. Female 1950
Pierce, Mrs. Edith G. Female Lorne Pierce 1954
Rider, Mr. Harold Male 1952
Watson, Dr. Male
Kilpatrick, Dr. A. O. Male 1957
Robertson, Hon. John Male 1876
Gaudiche, Mrs. Female Thomas Gaudiche 1957
Fontaine, Mr. Robert Male 1965
Marshall, Mrs. Harriet Female Albert T. Marshall 1944
Reece, Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Female School prinicpal Ben Reece 1944
Rutherford, Mr. Frank Stewart Male 1954
Menzies, Mrs. Davina G. Female J. R. Menzies 1956
Smith, Mrs. Louise Fletcher Female George E. Smith 1952
Coulson, Mr. Robert W. Male 1948
Beattie, Mr. William Walter Male 1934
MacNicol, Mr. John R. Male 1950
McDouall, Maj.-Gen. R. Male 1848
Spence, Dr. William John Male 1957
Cramp, Rev. James Mockett Male 1881