Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred : Dr. Wilfred Grenfell [examines patient at hospital, ca 1905 - 1915]
Fleming, Sir Sandford : Sir Sandford Fleming [July 1893]
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Fleming, Sir Sandford : Sir Sandford Fleming [portrait by John Wycliffe Lowes Forester, 1892]
King, Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie: Rt. Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King [and his dog 'Pat"]
King, Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie: The Rt. Hon. Wm. Lyon Mackenzie King [1927]
Longboat, Mr. Tom : Tom Longboat [22 April 1907]
King, Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie: William Lyon Mackenzie King [possibly at the age of two, ca 1876]
Brewer, Mr. George R.
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Varley, Mr. Frederick Horsman: Frederick Horsman Varley [probably at the Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts, ca 1927]
Grey Owl, : Archie Belaney [at the age of thirteen, 1901. He later became known as Grey Owl.]
Bacon, Miss. Mary
Grey Owl, : Grey Owl [(Archibald Belaney), 1937
Jacobs, Mr. Henry
Jackson, Mr. Alexander Young: A.Y. Jackson [member of the "Group of Seven" (1919-1933) paints in his studio, 1944]
Grey Owl, : Grey Owl [(Archibald Stansfield Belaney), ca 1925 - 1935]
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Wood, Mrs. Agnes Euphemia Female Edward Rogers Wood 1950
Copp, Prof. Walter P. Male 1946
Farrell, Mr. Alfred Male 1956
Gbur, Mrs. Female Jack E. Gbur 1965
Ferrato, Mr. Vitorio Male 1965
Lindsay, Mr. John Male 1944
Pringle, Mr. Peter Marshall Male 1953
Andrews, Mr. Kenneth D. Male 1957
Raines, Mr. Robert Male 1956
Martin, Mr. Edward Kirwan Counsel Male 1950
Hammond, Dr. Edward W. Male 1944
Auger, Mr. Perce H. Male 1957
Slicer, Mr. Thomas Male 1838
Rice, Mr. Gitz Male 1947
Ryan, Mr. Hugh Male 1899
MacGill, Dr. Henry Male 1947
Brewer, Mr. Richard Male Printer and publisher 1854
Bannerman, Mr. James Male
Meredith, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Female Brian Meredith 1953
Scott, Judge James H. Male 1936
Haynes, Mr. Harry George Male 1955
DeMont, Mr. A. Gordon Male 1953
MacPherson, Mrs. Carrie Female D. S. MacPherson 1955
Brown, Mrs. Faith Female John N. E. Brown 1936
Gurnett, Mr. J. S. Male Editor of the Ingersoll Chronicle 1876
Bell, Hon. Matthew Male 1849
Dowd, Father Male 1891
Duff, Dr. T. A. Jamieson Male 1960
Jenkins, Mr. James Ross Male 1972
Murphy, Mr. William Male Taver-keeper and assessor 1870
Niddrie, Mr. Frederick James Male 1958
Perrault, Mr. Joseph Edouard Male 1948