Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Smith, Mrs. Louise Fletcher Female George E. Smith 1952
Smith, Mrs. Mabel Edwards Female 1958
Stewart, Miss. Flora B. Female 1961
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
Stewart, Mr. William Male Member of Parliament for Russell and for Bytown 1856
Shilstra, Dr. Anna Mcconnell Female A. J. Shilstra 1942
Stout, Rev. Donald Al. Male 1961
Sherin, Miss. Alice Elsie Female 1946
Sandham, Mrs. Jean Female Ernest Alexander Sandham 1946
Shea, Mr. Frank Male 1952
Skitch, Miss. Ruby Beatie Female 1956
Smith, Mr. Frank D. L. Male 1949
Schierholtz, Grace Female 1966
Saunders, Mr. Henry Male 1951
Spendlove, Mr. Francis St. George Male 1962
Skyring, Miss. Leith Female 1854
Stribbard, Mrs. Female Arthur Stribbard 1954
Sams, Mr. Sydney Edward Male 1945
Scurr, Mr. William Douglas Male 1965
Shultis, Mrs. Sarah E. Female Adam Shultis 1942
Smith, Mr. Adam F. Male 1961
Sherk, Mr. Herbert Male 1953
Smyth, Mr. William J.H. Male 1958
Stewart, Miss. Margaret Amelia Female 1958
Shaver, Dr. Roy Clifford Male 1945
Southam, Mr. W. J. Male 1957
Strange, Mr. James M. Male Sale auctioneer 1854
Stephens, Mr. Edgar Thompson Male 1945
Stewart, Mr. David H. Male 1954
Stovel, Mr. Wilfred Chester Male Olive A. Stovel 1952
Saunders, Mr. Mason Male 1956
Smaill, Miss. Edith Margaret Female 1956
Smythe, Mr. Albert E.S. Male 1947
Sime, Miss. Jessie Georgina Female 1958
Smith, Mr. G. Harrison Male 1949
Smith, Mrs. Mary Collett Female H. George 1952
Shaver, Mr. Alexander Laurence Male 1958
Smith, Mr. Alexander Male 1947
Smith, Mr. Reid J. Male 1959
Sobel, Mr. Sam Male 1958
Squires, Mrs. C. Mary E. Female Walter Joseph Squires 1946
Sherlock, Mr. John McGill Male 1954
Sheard, Dr. Charles Male 1947
Smith, Mr. Geoffrey L. Male 1959
Scythes, Mrs. Armada Female John Ardagh Scythes 1959
Scace, Mr. Charles W. Male 1958
Scott, Mr. William J. Male 1960
Shannon, Mr. Joseph Louis Male 1954
Sinclair, Mr. Neil Male 1966
Smeltzer, Mrs. Isobel A. Female George F. Smeltzer 1952