Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Storm, Mr. Thomas
Sibbald, Mr. William Male
Smith, Mrs. Female Joshua Smith
Snell, Dr. John F. Male
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
Shepard, Mr. Alexander Muir Male
Simpson, Miss. Margaret Mackenzie Male 26
Scott, Rev. William Male Methodist Minister 81
Shortiss, Mr. Thomas Male Broker 85
Shaw, Mr. John Male
Sparrow, Mrs. Muriel Female Eugene E. Sparrow
Sturges, Dr. Wesley A. Male Dean of the University of Miami Law School and former dean of the Yale Law School. 69
Sanderson, Rev. George Rivers Male Postmaster
Stenson, Mr. John H. Male
Shipway, Mr. Charles R. Male 45
Symes, Mr. Henry Richard Male 1806
Scott, Mr. William Male Merchant 1807
Spencer, Mr. Hazelton Male 1813 56
Sayer, Mr. John Male 1818 68
Scott, Hon. Thomas Male 1824
Simons, Mr. Titus Geer Male 1829
Small, Mr. John Male 1831
Stanton, Mr. William Male Deputy Assistant Comissary General 1833 77
Stone, Mr. Joel Male 1833
Strowbridge, Mr. James Gordon Male 1833 45
Smith, Mr. Robert Male Editor and proprietor of "The Hastings Times" 1833
Silverthorn, Mr. Thomas Male 1834 Cholera
Slicer, Mr. Thomas Male 1838
Smyth, Maj.-Gen. James Carmichael Male 1838 58
Stewart, Mr. Alexander Male 1840 57
Stewart, Rev. Alex Male 1840
Sewell, Mr. Thomas Male Printer and publisher of the Niagara Reporter 1841 35
Stewart, Mr. Alexander Male 1842
Stinson, Mr. John Male M.P.P. 1842 77
Slicer, Mr. Samuel Male Firm of (Ferguson?) & Slicer (Montreal?) 1842
Street, Mr. Samuel Male 1844
Secord, Major David Male 1844 85
Stratford, Dr. John Male 1845 72
Serves, Col. John D. Male 1847 62
Stewart, Hon. Thomas Alexander Male 1847 62
Scobie, Mr. Hugh Male 1853 42
Simpson, Lady Female 1853 40
Smith, Mr. William Male 1853
Stotesbury, Mr. J. Male 1854 Cholera
Skelton, Mr. W. B. Male Lawyer 1854 40
Strange, Mr. James M. Male Sale auctioneer 1854
Sorley, Mrs. Female W. B. Sorely 1854
Skyring, Miss. Leith Female 1854
Suggit, Mr. Male Clothier 1854
Stinson, Mr. Ebenezer Male 1855 28