Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Scythes, Mrs. Armada Female John Ardagh Scythes 1959
Scace, Mr. Charles W. Male 1958
Scott, Mr. William J. Male 1960
Street, Hon. G. F. Male 1855
Shannon, Mr. Joseph Louis Male 1954
Shannon, Mr. William Male Appointed deputy postmaster of Kingston 1870
Shirra, Mrs. Frances Harriet Female William Shirra 1955
Saunders, Mr. Sidney Adams Male 1952
Strachan, Mrs. Mary Female James M. Strachan 1952
Smith, Mr. James Webster Male 1946
Stotesbury, Mr. J. Male 1854 Cholera
Sedgewick, Mr. Robert Middleton Male 1955
Smith, Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Female R. G. Smith 1961
Starr, Hon. John Leander Male Author 1886
Shuttleworth, Mrs. Edith G. Female John Kenyon Shuttleworth 1954
Southam, Mr. Wilson M. Male 1947
Stanley, Mr. James Norman Male 1957
Shannon, Mrs. Belva Shepherd Female Shannon 1955
Sinclair, Mr. Samuel Bower Male 1933
Smillie, Rev. Benjamin Stewart Male 1946
Smith, Mr. Robert Male 1952
Solandt, Dr. Donald Young Male 1955
Scott, Mr. Francis Lionel De Nimmo Male 1969
Sheard, Mr. Joseph Male 1883
Spence, Mr. Frank A. Male 1939
Street, Mr. Samuel Male 1844
Shannon, Mrs. Catharine Mary Female Lewis W. Shannon 1947
Sinclair, Mr. Simon D. Male 1955
Smith, Mr. Robert Candlish Male 1950
Stephens, Mr. Norman Clark Male 1953
Scott, Mr. George Male 1964
Small, Miss. Florence Female 1953
Steele, Mrs. Irene Wilson Female R. Clarke Steele 1954
Sedgwick, Miss. Emma Irene Female 1975
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Jane Female 1946
Schmithum, Mr. Theodore Male Chemist 1895
Sibbald, Mr. John P. M. Male 1959
Solery, Capt. John H. Male 1950
Stewart, Mr. Thomas Hudson Male 1958
Straith, Rev. John Male Author 1885
Sheard, Mr. Paul Male 1942
Slater, Mr. William Dean Male 1947
Starr, Mrs. Anne Callander Female Frederic Newton Gisborne Starr 1959
Sibbald, Mr. William Male
Smith, Mr. Arnold N. Male 1957
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
St. James, Mother Female 1957
Stephens, Mr. William A. Male Poet 1891
Saunders, Mr. William Robert Male 1955
Stewart, Mr. William Male Member of Parliament for Russell and for Bytown 1856