Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Ross, Mr. Charles W. Male 1959
Rodier, Hon. Charles Seraphin Male 1876
Robertson, Lt.-Col. Donald M. Male 1938
Robbins, Mr. William D. Male 1952
Robinson, Mr. Frederick William Male 1946
Russell, Dr. John Wesley Male 1949
Roach, Miss. Helen M. Female 1954
Ramsay, Dr. George A. Male 1950
Robertson, Miss. Agnes L. Female 1956
Richardson, Rev. John Male 1952
Robinson, Mr. George Edward Male 1956
Roach, Mr. Guy R. Male
Ramsay, Hon. Thomas Kennedy Male 1886
Regan, Elizabeth Female 1954
Redpath, Mr. Alfred Male 1955
Robertson, Miss. Mary Mason Female 1856
Rolls, Miss. Ethel M. Female 1952
Ross, Mr. Simon Male
Reid, Mr. Vincent de Paul Male 1956
Ross, Mr. David Hector Male 1971
Rodway, Mrs. Dorothy M. Female Spencer L. Rodway 1952
Rowland, Mr. John Wilfred Male 1958
Reece, Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Female School prinicpal Ben Reece 1944
Ridout, Mr. Douglas Kay Male 1952
Ruthven, Mr. James Male
Rosebrugh, Rev. Thomas Reeve Male 1943
Roach, Mr. Richard Male Hotel keeper, late collector 1863
Robinson, Dr. Percy James Male 1953
Ramsay, Mr. Hew Male
Regan, Mrs. C. Herbert Female 1957
Rosenback, Mr. Albert C. Male 1957
Roper, Dr. William F. Male 1958
Rothwell, Mr. George William Male 1944
Ramsay, Mr. Hew Male 1857
Ryder, Mr. Thomas William Male 1956
Rutledge, Mr. James Male Barrister 1914
Rea, Mr. Marion Josephine Female David Clawson Rea 1945
Ross, Mr. Victor Harold Male 1878
Reid, Mrs. Annie M. Female 1889
Ross, Mr. Edment Henry Male 1953
Reid, Col. George E. Male 1938
Rowland, Mr. William Alexander Male 1954
Rough, Miss. Marian Jean Female 1955
Rough, Miss. Susie Parker Female 1953
Rea, Mrs. Female 1854
Reid, Mrs. Caroline Maude Sheridan Female Joseph Ewing Reid 1961
Rudolf, Dr. Robert Dawson Male 1941
Ramsay, Mr. Kenneth William Male 1956
Rorke, Miss. Jessie Elizabeth Female 1950
Renner, Dr. William Scott Male 1934