Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
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Rennie, Mrs. Margaret Eleanor Female Walter A. Rennie 1948
Riddell, Justice William Renwick Male 1945
Russell, Prof. John W. Male 1943
Ross, Dr. George W. Male 1948
Rowsell, Mr. Henry Male
Rhind, Mr. Alexander Male 1957
Routley, Dr. Frederick William Male 1951
Reade, Mr. Robert C. Male 1956
Romanes, Rev. George Male 1871
Richardson, Mr. Robert Samuel Male 1946
Randal, Robert Male 1834
Ritchie, Mr. James A. Male 1935
Robertson, Mrs. Rilla Female Norman S. Robertson 1954
Rogers, Lt.-Col. Robert David Male 1885
Rees, Rev. Dr. Llon P.S. Male 1945
Rockwell, Mr. Warren Ayres Male 1957
Routley, Mr. Male
Ryan, Mr. Frank Male 1946
Roberts, Mr. Thomas Melville Male 1956
Rome, Mr. George Male 1946
Reilly, Mr. Leo M. Male 1955
Robarts, Mr. Thomas Tempest Male 1880
Rhodes, Rev. J. Bernard Male 1953
Rose, Mr. Charles Male 1958
Raney, Mr. Justice William Edgar Male 1933
Ross, Miss. Bessie Female 1957
Rigg, Mr. J. Harry Male 1955
Rose, Mr. Fred W. Male 1947
Ryan, Mr. Hugh Male 1899
Roberts, Mr. William B. Male 1955
Ronan, Mr. J. E. Male 1962
Rayfield, Capt. Walter L. Male 1949
Rogers, Mrs. Mary Ella Female Albert S. Rogers 1946
Ross, Miss. Charlotte Female 1948
Reoch, Miss. Annie B. Female 1962
Rossie, Mrs. Margaret Female Mervin W. Rossie 1953
Reilly, Mr. Thomas Male 1959
Robinson, Mr. Bruce H. Male 1957
Ross, Mr. John Charles Male 1951
Ritchie, Rev. William Male 1885
Ross, Miss. Charlotte Helen Female 1956
Reeve, Mr. Thomas Male 1854
Roberts, Mrs. Muriel M. Female James A. Roberts 1953
Richardson, Mr. William Harvey Male 1957
Ross, Miss. Gretta McKay Female 1958
Rutherford, Dr. William H. Male 1953
Rogers, Mrs. Winifrede May Female Alfred S. Rogers 1955
Rupert, Mrs. Mary Clarene Female 1958
Richardson, Lt. Gordon A. Male 1944