Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Punchard, Mr. Charles C. Male 1946
Pounder, Mrs. Susie Margaret Female R. I. Pounder 1958
Pascoe, Mr. Claude G. Male 1952
Pearse, Dr. Robin Male 1956
Perry, Mr. Reuban Male 1951
Pearson, Mr. William Henry Male 1920
Pettit, Mr. Godfrey Stanley Male 1954
Poupore, Mrs. Female A. G. Poupore 1962
Proctor, Mr. J. Ernest Male 1959
Pamphylon, Evelyn Female 1956
Parke, Mrs. Amy Friend Female 1962
Pearse, Mr. William Worth Male 1947
Phippen, Mrs. Ada Florence Female John Gilbert Phippen 1957
Purcell, Mr. James Martin Male 1952
Parker, Dr. Stuart C. Male 1950
Proudfoot, Mr. Rolf Merriman Male 1960
Pashler, Mr. Charles Frederick Male 1959
Paget, Miss. Clara May Female 1944
Payne, Lt.-Col. Liege Harry Clifford Male 1958
Phipps, Miss. Beatrice Female 1958
Patterson, Mrs. Jean Female W. B. Patterson 1945
Powell, Mr. Grant Male Clerk of the Legislative Council, and Judge of the Home District Court 1838
Paskall, Mrs. Edith M. Female Walter W. Paskall 1952
Perry, Mrs. Female K. R. Perry 1962
Payne, Miss. Lilian J. Female 1949
Pratt, Mr. John George Male 1958
Pannell, Mrs. Olive Jean Female Raymond E. Pannell 1946
Pearson, Dr. William E. Male 1959
Pilote, Rev. Francois Male 1886
Payne, Mr. Cyrus B. Male 1956
Porter, Mr. Paul Male 1968
Parry, Prof. Male 1896
Phillips, Mr. Hec Male 1948
Parker, Mr. A. Deane Male 1956
Prowse, Mr. Henry Albert Male 1946
Panphylon, Evelyn Female 1955
Paterson, Mr. A. Huntly Male 1948
Patterson, William J. Male 1886
Phillips, Mr. Howard W. Male 1954
Parker, Mr. Arthur Male 1955
Powell, Mr. Wilfred L. Male 1956
Pim, Mr. Wiliam H. Male Builder 1860
Pendrith, Mrs. Bertha Elizabeth Female John G. Pendrith 1957
Plummer, Mrs. Mary Female 1955
Pearson, Miss. Ella Female 1878 10 Pneumonia
Printz, Mr. Carl J. Male 1960 100
Pearson, Mrs. Ellen Female Nathaniel Pearson 1944 100
Porteous, Mrs. Lydia Ann Female Ed Porteous 1952 101
Preston, Mrs. Female Robert Preston 1962 101
Pedlar, Mrs. Nancy Jane Female John Pedlar 1953 102