Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Pierce, Mrs.
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Lester B. Pearson [serving with the Canadian Army Medical Corps 1916]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson [in front of the France Pavilion at Expo 67]
Pitt, Mr. James
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: The Hon. Lester B. Pearson [1958]
Pringle, Mr. Peter Marshall Male 1953
Perrault, Mr. Joseph Edouard Male 1948
Phillips, Mrs. Emily M. Female T. P. Phillips 1952
Peddie, Mr. Frank Groves Male 1959
Power, Mr. James Thomas Male
Pappas, Mrs. Maud Mabel Female Michael Pappas 1946
Peters, Mr. John Male 1847
Peters, Mr. William Male 1966
Peaker, Mr. Courtlandt Henry Male 1946
Paul, Miss. Louise Female 1961
Plaxton, Mrs. Iola Meryl Female 1948
Pardee, Hon. T. B. Male 1889
Pirie, Mr. Edwin Male 1942
Pearce, Mr. Edward Male 1952
Phelps, Mr. Lawrence Nash Male 1958
Pugh, Mr. Ralph W. Male 1946
Pringle, Mrs. Mildred Cook Female James F. Pringle 1959
Palmer, Mr. Alex W. Male 1958
Pope, Mr. Clarence S. Male 1957
Parlow, Lt.-Col. Alan Edward Male 1955
Paul, Mr. John Arnold Male 1955
Pogue, Rev. Robert Male 1938
Prescott, Major Thomas Hammill Male 1942
Parker, Mr. Thomas Harold Male 1946
Powers, Mr. E. J. Male 1955
Pointon, Col. Euton Thomas Male 1953
Purvis, Rt. Hon. Arthur B. Male 1941
Price, Prof. Harold W. Male 1950
Pepall, Mr. Harry Gilmour Male 1959
Phillips, Rev. Thomas Male 1843
Patterson, Mr. John Hunter Male 1956
Powis, Mrs. Mabel Olive Female Victor Bryant Powis 1957
Parmiter, Mr. Arthur E. Male 1955
Paul, Rev. Andrew Jeffrey Male 1944
Pugsley, Mr. John Morton Male 1946
Potter, Mrs. Ada May Female W. A. Potter 1956
Powley, Mr. Joseph Male 1958
Petry, Mr. A. McN. Male 1955
Pierce, Mrs. Edith G. Female Lorne Pierce 1954
Pepler, Mr. Seth Bernhard Male 1959
Patterson, Mr. Thomas Bilton Male 1944
Porteous, Mr. William Male Postmaster of Montreal 1855
Paull-James, Mrs. Dilys Female Idris Paull-James 1952
Pellatt, Col. Reginald Male 1967
Park, Mr. Robert T. Male 1954