Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Nicol, Mr. Thomas Knox Male 1955
Nelles, Brig. Gen. Charles M. Male 1936
Nelles, Mr. Henry Male
Newton, Mr. Lawrence William Male 1957
Nelles, Mr. Robert Male
Noble, Mrs. Helen Margaret Female William O. Noble 1958
Needham, Mrs. Janet Female George Needham 1939
Niddrie, Mr. Frederick James Male 1958
Northey, Mrs. Adelaide Vernon Female John Pell Northey 1954
Nash, Dr. Clifford Charles Male 1946
Northgrave, Mr. Walter T. Male 1956
Nelles, Ven. Abraham Male 1884
Nash, Maj.-Gen. A. E. Male 1944
Nolan, Mr. Daniel Male 1956
Northway, Mrs. Alice Female John A. Northway 1955
Nelson, Mr. James Male 1958
Neill, Col. Agnes C. Female 1950
Nicholson, Dr. William F. Male 1942
Newcombe, Prof. James Arthur Male 1947
Notter, Mrs. Maza Mildred Female Richard Notter 1958
Nelson, Mrs. Female John Nelson 1856 Consumption
Neill, Mr. Nathaniel Dickey Male 1946
Nisbet, Mr. R. G. Jackson Male 1960
Nicholson, Mr. George Kenneth Male 1950
Nelson, Mrs. Gladys Female Curtis I. Nelson 1954
Nasmith, Mrs. Female 1854 Cholera
Neilly, Mrs. Ethel Female Balmer Neilly 1969
Norman, Dr. Thomson Hugh Male 1952
Norman, Mr. Charles H. Male 1957
Nicholson, Mr. William Manly Male Editor and publisher 1871
Nicholson, Mrs. Margaret Coates Female 1947
Noxon, Rev. S. Clowes Male 1943
Neilson, Mr. James Roy Male 1947
Norman, Mr. Sidney Male 1956
Naylor, Mr. James L. Male 1954
Nicol, Dr. William Balmer Male 1886
Newsome, Mrs. Lucy Female James Newsome 1946
Neilson, Mr. Samuel Male 1837
Nicol, Mr. Daniel W. Male 1955
Neilson, Mrs. Isabella Female Charles Neilson 1951
Nairn, Mrs. Kathleen Female 1958
Newton, Miss. May Logan Female Library staff at University of Toronto 1951
Neimeir, Mr. Otto Male 1956
Newton, Mrs. Eva Elizabeth Female 1965 100
Neilson, Mr. John Morden Male 1956 17
Newcombe, Mr. William Male 1876 18 Inflammation of lungs
Neelands, Mr. Joseph Male Teacher 1861 20 Consumption
Nash, Mrs. Mary Female 1875 21 Burnt to death
Neilson, Mr. Samuel Male 1792 21
Newman, Mr. Bernard Male 1952 23