Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
McCrea, Miss. Anna R. Female 1952
McGregor, Mr. John Male 1857
Moshier, Mrs. Constance Marion Female David D. Moshier 1945
MacDonald, Mrs. Christina Elizabeth Female Neil S. MacDonald 1946
Marsh, Mr. James Frederick Male 1945
Moorhead, Mr. W. H. Male 1962
Maclean, Mr. John Male Newspaper man 1891
Magner, Dr. William Male 1952
Magoon, Mrs. Female George A. Magoon 1944
Maynard, Mrs. Hilda Murray Female Harold V. Maynard 1953
McMaster, Mr. Thomas Geer Male 1945
McDonald, Brig. Gen. H. F. Male 1943
MacGregor, Mr. Donald C. Male 1942
McLeod, Mr. G. N. Male 1955
Miller, Mr. Edward Allen Male 1946
Mitchell, Mr. John B. Male 1946
Mowat, Rev. John B. Male 1900
MacDougall, Mrs. Anna E. Female 1958
MacOdrum, Mr. C. G. Male 1954
Maloney, Mrs. Mary Female M. J. Maloney 1956
Mathieson, Miss. Kate Female 1947
McCallum, Mrs. Female Samuel McCallum 1961
Miles, Mr. Arthur W Male 1956
MacDonald, Mrs. Ethel G. Female William T. MacDonald 1954
McLaughlin, Mr. Roland R. Male 1970
Mollet, Mr. Clarence Walter Male 1946
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M.: Lucy Maud Montgomery [author of "Anne of Green Gables", ca 1920 –1930]
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail [15 May 1934]
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail, M.P.
Munro, Mr. Alexander M.
McFarlane, Dr. Lachlan
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Photograph from the Emily Ferguson Murphy fonds.]
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Statue by Barbara Patterson, Parliament Hill, Ottawa]
Meighen, Mr. Arthur : Arthur Meighen [M.P. (Portage la Prairie), March 1912]
Marston, Mrs.
Morgan, Mr. Peter