Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
McGreer, Rev. Dr. A. H. Male 1948
MacDonald, Mr. Thomas Albert Male 1947
Moser, Mr. William Franklin Male 1946
Myers, Mr. Arthur O. Male 1946
McIntyre, Mrs. Mary E. Female Robert W. W. McIntyre 1952
Macdonald, Mr. Edward M. Male Ex-M.P. 1874
Madoe, Mr. J. H. Male Lawyer 1855
Marcia, Mother Mary Female 1956
Moore, Rev. James Henry Male 1946
MacGill, Dr. Henry Male 1947
MacPherson, Mrs. Carrie Female D. S. MacPherson 1955
Macdonnell, Mrs. Agnes Ewart Female Norman S. Macdonnell 1947
MacNames, Mr. Nelson L. Male 1956
Mooney, Mr. George Male 1968
McCorkindale, Dr. William Menzies Male 1959
Murphy, Mr. H. A.L. Male 1962
McKee, Miss. Jennette Gladys Female 1958
Might, Mrs. E. Adelaide E. Female Kenneth G Might 1955
Marr, Mr. William H. Male 1968
Myers, Mrs. Mae Ethel Female A. J. William Myers 1948
McIntyre, Rev. Dugald Male 1950
McMillan, Sir Daniel Male 1933
Marcia, Mother Mary Female 1956
Mason, Dr. Ruby E. C. Female 1942
McMaster, Mr. Donald A. Male 1942
MacGillivray, Miss. Carrie Holmes Female 1949
Macklem, Mr. Oliver Tiffany Male 1865
Merry, Mr. Robert Harold Male 1944
Macpherson, Mrs. Hazel I. Female Kenneth C. Macpherson 1955
Muir, Mr. George Male 1954
McCullagh, Mr. George Male 1952
McEachren, M. Eileen Female 1959
McNeillie, Mr. George Gardiner Male 1953
Macnaughton, Mrs. Sybil E. Female A. C. Macnaughton 1957
Malloch, Dr. Archibald Male 1953
McGregor, Dr. Gregor William Male 1948
Meldram, Mr. John M. Male 1957
Monsarrat, Mr. Nicholas Male 1910
McDonald, Mr. G. Nevin Male 1954
McMinn, Mr. James Henry Male 1960
Moir, Mr. Richard Eldon Male 1958
Mason, Dr. W. R. Male 1962
Merry, Mr. William Spencer Male 1952
McCarthy, Mr. Jesse Overn Male 1937
Miller, Mr. Allan F. Male 1947
Mallock, Mrs. Olive Female W. J. O. Mallock 1956
Marshall, Mrs. Female John Marshall 1946
Mowat, Mr. Arthur MacLaren Male 1958
McCormack, Mr. Robert Sharpe Male 1961
Munroe, Mr. Henry Male Ex-M.P. 1874