Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
McCord Family,
McLaughlin, Mrs. Lorrie Female 1971
MacLean, Rev. John Male 1928
Munday, Mr. Albert H. Male 1957
McKnight, Mr. Herbert Male 1961
McRobert, Mr. William Martin Male 1946
Maxwell, Mr. Gordon N. Male 1959
Murray, Mr. Hugh Norman Male 1944
McFarland, Mr. James Leroy Male 1961
McGuire, Miss. C. Eileen Female 1956
McGuire, Miss. Sarah Ellen Female 1945
MacDonald, Rev. Peter M. Male 1960
Mackenzie, Miss. Norena Female 1959
Menary, Mr. Lewis Male 1956
MacMurchy, Dr. Helen Female 1953
Mitchell, Dr. Jennie Female R. A. Mitchell 1956
McCord, Hon. Thomas Male Author 1886
Murdison, Mr. Andrew Male 1944
Maher, Miss. Marie Female 1946
Molson, Mrs. Female J. Dinham Molson 1957
Mundell, Dr. Charles Thomas Male 1949
McGeacky, Mr. Donald Male 1952
MacDonald, Mr. Caleb Spragge Male 1946
Maxwell, Mr. William M. Male 1955
Morris, Mr. James H. Male Barrister 1890 Heart disease
Mowry, Dr. Daniel Prescott Male 1955
McCrimmon, Col. W. A. Male 1953
Moyer, Mr. Clarence Webster Male 1952
MacMurchy, Miss. Bessie Female 1952
Mitchell, Hon. Humphrey Male 1950
McBroom, Gladys Elizabeth Female 1962
McGovern, Mr. Thomas Joseph Male 1945
McKay, Mr. James Male 1946
Meagher, Rev. J. Vincent Male 1952
Mahon, Judge George Freeman Male 1944
Mason, Mr. Wilfrid Garson Male 1946
McDonald, Mr. Alexander Male 1960
Mussen, Mr. Joseph Missett Male 1947
MacDonald, Mr. Cameron Warwick Male 1960
Milloy, Capt. Male 1855
McKeown, Mr. Robert Male 1975
McPhedran, Dr. Archibald George Male 1946
MacPherson, Miss. Marjorie Female 1953
Martin, Mr. Arthur Norman Male 1961
McCart, Mr. Howard William David Male 1958
Moore, Mr. Aubrey John Male 1952
Millar, Mr. Charles Kenneth Male 1956
Morice, Rev. Father Adrien Gabriel Male
Meakins, Mr. Charles James Male 1951
Monaghan, Dr. Hugh Male 1956