Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort ascending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Maltby, Mrs. Female H. Vaughan Maltby 1958 88
Maloney, Mrs. Female Larkin Maloney 1955
Maloney, Mrs. Mary Female M. J. Maloney 1956
Mallon, Mrs. Female James W. Mallon 1962 92
Mallock, Mrs. Olive Female W. J. O. Mallock 1956
Malcolm, Mrs. Female James Malcolm 1957
Malcolm, Mrs. Female Frith Paul Malcolm 1883 73 Cancer
Magrath, Mrs. Mabel Lilas Female Charles A. Magrath 1948
Magoon, Mrs. Female George A. Magoon 1944
Maddocks, Mrs. Mary Jane Female Richard Maddocks 1960
Madden, Mrs. Margaret Female Thomas Madden 1960 104
Macrae, Mrs. Rachael Angelique Female James Ansdell Macrae 1946 91
MacQueen, Mrs. Wilhelmine Female C. W. MacQueen 1953 66
MacPherson, Mrs. Carrie Female D. S. MacPherson 1955
Macpherson, Mrs. Hazel I. Female Kenneth C. Macpherson 1955
Macnaughton, Mrs. Sybil E. Female A. C. Macnaughton 1957
MacMurchy, Mrs. Female Angus MacMurchy 1953 88
MacMillan, Lady Dorothy Female Harold MacMillan 1966 65
Maclennan, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Maclennan 1903
MacLean, Mrs. Female John MacLean 1946 80
Maclean, Mrs. Anna Female John Bayne Maclean 1949 82
MacLean, Mrs. Mary Jane Frances Female Ralph C. MacLean 1958 90
Maclaren, Mrs. Mary E. Female Maclaren 1906 55 Complications
MacKlin, Mrs. Dorothy Female William Edward MacKlin 1946 78
Macklem, Mrs. Mary E. Female Street Macklem 1955 89
Mackenzie, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Female John Hall Thompson Mackenzie 1946
Mackenzie, Mrs. Kathleen Female J. J. Mackenzie 1953 86
Mackenzie, Lady Female William Mackenzie 1917 68
Mackenzie, Mrs. Mollie Female G. Norris Mackenzie 1972
Mackenzie, Lady Mabel Female Alexander Mackenzie 1937
Mackenzie, Mrs. Female Mervin Mackenzie 1957
Mackenzie, Mrs. Agnes Strickland Female P. E. Mackenzie 1951 76
MacKay, Mrs. Female Ian S. Mackay 1962 59
MacIntyre, Mrs. Beatrice Female Archie MacIntyre 1951 73
Mackintosh, Mrs. Mary Archange Female Angus MacIntosh 1827
MacGregor, Mrs. Alice A. Female MacGregor 1958
MacGregor, Mrs. Mary Esther Female D. C. MacGregor 1961 85
MacGillivray, Mrs. Isabella Female Archibald MacGillivray 1946
MacDougall, Mrs. Pearl Margaret Female Frank A. MacDougall 1948
Macdonnell, Mrs. Agnes Ewart Female Norman S. Macdonnell 1947
Macdonnell, Mrs. Mary Philips Female G. M. Macdonnell 1947 97
Macdonell, Mrs. Marion Female A. McLean Macdonell 1948
Macdonald, Mrs. Helena Female Macdonald 1961 95
Macdonald, Mrs. Isabella Jane Female D. F. Macdonald 1947 90
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M. Female Ewan Macdonald 1942
MacDonald, Mrs. Mary J. Female Alfred J. MacDonald 1953
Macdonald, Mrs. Olivia Female Brian Macdonald 1959
Macdonald, Mrs. Theresa Kate Female D. Bruce Macdonald 1937
Macdonald, Mr. D. Bruce Male Theresa Kate Macdonald 1962 90
Macdonald, Mrs. Anna Female David Macdonald 1960 74