Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
McDougall, Hon. William Male Ex-Editor, M. P., and Lieutenant-Governor, North-West Territories 1905 83 General break-up
Meredith, Mr. Thomas Male Ex-Grocer 1895 85 General break-up
Maughan, Mr. Nicholas Male Ex-Assessment Commissioner 1900 81 General break-up
Magrath, Mr. Charles Male Bursar, Trinity College 1884 75 General break-up
Milloy, Mr. Nicol Male S.B. Agent 1874 42 General break-up
McMichael, Mr. Daniel Male Barrister 1894 77 General break-up
McBride, Mr. John Male Barrister 1878 45 General break-up
McClain, Mr. William Male Ex-Capt. Lake Vessel 1914 91 General break-up & paralysis
Monk, Mr. George W. Male Vice-President Can. Permanent Loan Co. 1917 80 General breakdown
Moore, Mr. Dennis Male Manufacturer, etc. 1887 64 General debility
McKenzie, Miss. Elizabeth Female 1879 24 General debility
Matthews, Mr. Henry Male Carpenter 1878 82 General decay
Morphy, Mr. Edward Male 1862 72 General decay
McCord, Mrs. Charlotte Female A. T. McCord 1891 83 General decay
Milliken, Rev. Andrew Male Superannuated Methodist Minister 1891 67 General decay
Mackenzie, Mr. William Lyon Male M.P.P., Editor, etc. 1861 66 Gradual decay of system
Maxwell, Rev. W. J. Male Methodist Minister 1894 49 Haemorrhage bowels
Merchant, Mr. Livingston Male 1976 72 Heart attack
Marshall, Mrs. Laura Female Russell W. Marshall 1957 Heart attack
Mara, Mr. H. S. Male Estate agent 1912 62 Heart disease
Marling, Mr. John W. Male Retired insurance manager 1911 90 Heart disease
McFarland, Mrs. Isabella Female 1871 37 Heart disease
Mara, Mr. William Male Wine and spirit merchant 1896 48 Heart disease
Moody, Mr. Dwight L. Male Evangelist 1899 62 Heart disease
Marling, Rev. F. H. Male Congregationalist 1901 75 Heart disease
Moses, Mr. Frank Male Tinsmith 1913 62 heart disease
McWilliams, Mr. W. G. Male Solicitor 1907 67 Heart disease
Morris, Mr. James H. Male Barrister 1890 Heart disease
Miller, Mr. John Male Retired grocer 1881 69 Heart disease
Merifield, Mr. Leonard L. Male Engineer, Econom. Gas App. Co. 1914 58 Heart disease
McDonald, Mrs. E. Ann Female McDonald 1906 82 Heart disease
McGinn, Mr. James Male Saloon keeper 1890 51 Heart disease
Manton, Mr. George Male Captain, Salvation Army 1909 72 Heart disease (suddenly)
Marling, Mr. Alexander Male Deputy Minister of Education 1890 58 Heart failure
Millen, Mr. Humphrey Male Clerk 1908 75 Heart failure
McCormack, Mr. Andrew Male Bricklayer 1905 74 Heart failure
Morris, Mr. Harry Male Manager, Rosedale branch, Dominion Bank 1917 41 Heart failure
McDonald, Mr. Randolph Male Contracter 1910 59 Heart failure
Micklethwaite, Mrs. Female J. W. Micklethwaite 1906 54 Heart failure
McGee, Mr. James Male President, Union Loan Company 1893 72 Heart failure after La grippe
Maybee, Judge J. R. Male Chairman Ry. Cons. 1912 53 Heart failure following operation
McDougall, Mr. Alfred Male Lawyer 1905 70 Heart failure, general break-up
Miller, Mr. Albert Augustus Male Hardware manager 1892 48 Heart failure, La grippe
Muir, Mr. Alex Male Teacher 1906 71 Heart trouble
Marshall, Mr. Susie Female 1873 12 Hip joint disease
Murray, Mrs. Female W. A. Murray 1887 65 Inflammation
Mason, Mrs. Female J. Herbert Mason 1871 34 Inflammation after confinement
MacDonald, Hon. John Male Senator, wholesale dry goods 1890 66 Inflammation of bladder
McMullen, Mr. J. H. Male Agent and accountant 1891 53 Inflammation of bowels
Meagher, Mr. Charles Male Clerk 1877 25 Inflammation of bowels