Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Mitchell, Mr. Davey Male 1965
Murphy, Mr. Charles Male 1958
Marsh, Archdeacon James Walker Male 1909
Massey, Mrs. Alice Female Vincent Massey 1950
McGill, Rev. Robert Male Minister of St. Paul's Church 1856
Muter, Col. Robert Male Late R.C. Rifles 1874
MacLean, Mr. J. E. Male
Mason, Miss. Louise Emily Female 1946
McFaul, Mr. James N. Male 1965
MacLachlan, Miss. Mary Agnes Female 1946
Mitchell, Mrs. Bertie Female Omar M. Mitchell 1952
MacNicol, Mr. John R. Male 1950
Maloney, Mr. James Male 1961
McLelland, Mr. John Percival Male 1954
Moule, Judge Male Judge 1888
Murphy, Mr. E. J. Male 1958
Mackellar, Mr. Strathy Ridout Male 1960
McMurtry, Mrs. Lillian Female William James McMurtry 1934
Mason, Miss. Verna Female 1947
McLauchlin, Mr. George Paterson Male 1958
McMillan, Mr. Joseph Fraser Male 1957
McFerran, Mr. William Francis Male 1956
Moore, Mrs. Mary Female Charles R. Moore 1944
MacLachlan, Miss. May Agnes Female 1946
McCartney, Annie Louise Female 1945
Miller, Mrs. Marie Louise Female A. E. Miller 1955
Murray, Dr. H. Herbert Male 1956
Macdougall, Mr. James Male
MacNicol, Mr. Nicol Male 1957
McCrae, Mr. G. Male Lately collector of customs at the Port of St. John 1871
Massiah, Mrs. Kate S. Female C. W. Massiah 1936
McIntyre, Mr. Robert Gilmour Male 1955
McMillan, Mr. Robert Duncan Male 1946
MacLachlan, Mr. Allan Male 1962
McKinnon, Mr. Clarence Hamilton Male 1952
McCulloch, Mr. William George Male 1946
McEvoy, Mrs. Emily Miriam Female Reginald McEvoy 1956
Murray, Dr. Lawrence McCheyne Male 1946
MacDougall, Mr. John Lorne Male 1956
Mackenzie, Mrs. Female Mervin Mackenzie 1957
Maloney, Mrs. Female Larkin Maloney 1955
McKenzie, Mr. Hector Male
McCrea, Miss. Anna R. Female 1952
McGregor, Mr. John Male 1857
Moon, Mr. Clifford Graham Male 1957
MacDonald, Mrs. Christina Elizabeth Female Neil S. MacDonald 1946
Marsh, Mr. James Frederick Male 1945
Maclean, Mr. John Male Newspaper man 1891
Magner, Dr. William Male 1952
Markle, Mr. J. Hiram Male 1953