Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
MacAlpine, Mr. J. Warren Male 1956
Mortimer, Mr. Arthur B. Male 1956
Macdonell, Mr. Alexander Male
MacNab, Mr. David Male 1840
Matheson, Dr. John James Male 1946
McKnight, Dr. John Male 1943
Mackay, Mr. Robert Male Advocate
MacLennan, Prof. Archibald Male 1947
Miller, Mr. Harvey Male 1946
Morris, Mr. Harold Drury Male 1956
MacIntosh, Rev. John Male 1944
Maddocks, Mrs. Mary Jane Female Richard Maddocks 1960
McLean, Mr. N. A. Male 1963
McCurdy, Prof. James Frederick Male 1935
McGuire, Mrs. Anna Female W. H. McGuire 1954
Michie, Mrs. Edith Gordon Female 1961
Munday, Mr. Albert H. Male 1957
Macdonell, Mr. Samuel Smith Male Barrister 1907
McCabe, Mr. Thomas E. Male 1946
McKnight, Mr. Herbert Male 1961
McRobert, Mr. William Martin Male 1946
Murray, Mr. Hugh Norman Male 1944
Mackay, Mr. Robert Male
Marling, Mr. Samuel Arthur Male Educationalist 1882
Menary, Mr. John A. Male 1956
Macfee, Mr. W. Male Merchant 1857
Martin, Mr. Edward Kirwan Counsel Male 1950
McLaughlin, Mrs. Lorrie Female 1971
Molson, Mrs. Female J. Dinham Molson 1957
Mundell, Dr. Charles Thomas Male 1949
Macaulay, Dr. Victor Harold Male 1942
Macdonell, Mrs. Marion Female A. McLean Macdonell 1948
Mackenzie, Mr. G. Norris Male 1972
Marling, Rev. Dr. Francis Henry Male 1901
McAlpine, Mr. William Male 1955
McClure, Rev. William Male Methodist New Connection Minister 1871
Morris, Mr. James H. Male Barrister 1890 Heart disease
Mowry, Dr. Daniel Prescott Male 1955
May, Mr. Samuel Passman Male Inspector of Public Libraries 1908
Menary, Mr. Lewis Male 1956
Mitchell, Dr. Jennie Female R. A. Mitchell 1956
Murdison, Mr. Andrew Male 1944
MacCurdy, Dr. John Thompson Male 1947
MacFee, Mrs. Female Store-keeper 1859
McCarthy, Mother Thomas Aquinas Female 1962
Macaulay, Mr. George Male Barrister-at-law 1828
Mussen, Mr. Joseph Missett Male 1947
Milloy, Capt. Male 1855
MacLeod, Miss. Dorcas Female 1954
McKeown, Mr. Robert Male 1975