Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Miller, Mr. Allan F. Male 1947
m, Mr. Male
Malcolm, Miss. Elizabeth Female 1955
Meldram, Mr. John M. Male 1957
Monsarrat, Mr. Nicholas Male 1910
Magrath, Mrs. Mabel Lilas Female Charles A. Magrath 1948
Mills, Mrs. Anabel Sage Female Nathanial Mills 1955
MacGregor, Rev. Peter Gordon Male 1886
McCullough, Mr. Norman McKenzie Male 1960
Merry, Mrs. Alice Ruperta Female R. H. Meryy 1958
Milligan, Miss. Frances Female 1956
Moeller, Mr. Arnold Peter Male 1965
McKenzie, Mr. Matthew Bell Male Medical Doctor 1854
McCance, Mr. Larry Male 1970
McGregor, Mrs. Hazel Female McGregor 1961
Mowat, Mr. Arthur MacLaren Male 1958
Mabee, Florence Helen Female 1947
MacDonald, Mrs. Mary J. Female Alfred J. MacDonald 1953
Mackenzie, Lady Mabel Female Alexander Mackenzie 1937
McBride, Mr. Francis Joseph Male 1956
Munroe, Mr. Henry Male Ex-M.P. 1874
Magrath, Rev. James Male
McLaughlin, Mr. Reginald St. Clair Male 1966
Morse, Mr. William Ingles Male 1952
Mawhinney, Mrs. Ruby Jean Female W. W. Mawhinney 1956
McCaul, Mrs. Female Reginald M. McCaul 1957
McFall, Dr. William Alexander Male 1951
Murray, Mr. E. G.D. Male 1965
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
McDougall, Mr. George H. Male 1937
Moore, Dr. Arthur Male Doctor 1857 Lung disease
Mowat, Mr. J Gordon Male 1906
Macdonald, Mrs. Olivia Female Brian Macdonald 1959
McDonald, Miss. M. A. Female 1955
Moorhead, Mr. W. H. Male 1962
McCullough, Mr. William B. Male 1954
Merry, Mrs. Lorraine Female Ellis B. Armstrong Merry 1955
McInnis, Mr. John Archibald Male 1946
McCandlish, Rev. James Male 1943
Macdonald, Mrs. Theresa Kate Female D. Bruce Macdonald 1937
Moshier, Mrs. Constance Marion Female David D. Moshier 1945
McLaughlin, Mr. Roland R. Male 1970
Mollet, Mr. Clarence Walter Male 1946
McMaster, Mr. Thomas Geer Male 1945
Matthews, Mr. Cameron Male 1958
McCann, Coryell R. 1948
McLeod, Mr. G. N. Male 1955
Miller, Mr. Edward Allen Male 1946
Mitchell, Mr. John B. Male 1946
Mowat, Rev. John B. Male 1900