Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Merry, Mrs. Alice Ruperta Female R. H. Meryy 1958
Milligan, Miss. Frances Female 1956
Moeller, Mr. Arnold Peter Male 1965
Marling, Rev. Dr. Francis Henry Male 1901
McKenzie, Mr. Matthew Bell Male Medical Doctor 1854
McAlpine, Mr. William Male 1955
McClure, Rev. William Male Methodist New Connection Minister 1871
Moore, Dr. Arthur Male Doctor 1857 Lung disease
Mowat, Mr. J Gordon Male 1906
Mackintosh, Mrs. Mary Archange Female Angus MacIntosh 1827
Mann, General Gother Male 1830
McLaughlin, Mr. Reginald St. Clair Male 1966
Matthews, Mr. Wheeler D. Male 1888
McEachran, Ethel Female 1959
Morse, Mr. William Ingles Male 1952
Macaulay, Mr. George Male Barrister-at-law 1828
Murray, Mr. E. G.D. Male 1965
MacLeod, Miss. Dorcas Female 1954
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
Mascioli, Mr. Leo Male 1951
May, Mrs. Minnie Mead Female 1957
McFarlane, Mr. Arthur E. Male 1945
Moshier, Mrs. Constance Marion Female David D. Moshier 1945
Macfie, Mr. Archie William Male 1945
Mann, Lady Jennie Female Donald D. Mann 1945
Moorhead, Mr. W. H. Male 1962
Mackenzie, Mr. Hope F. Male MPP, North Oxford[illegible ?] 1866
Macnamara, Mr. William Edwin Male 1955
Mallen, Mr. G. Ogal Male 1956
Merry, Mrs. Lorraine Female Ellis B. Armstrong Merry 1955
Mackay, Rev. Dr. G. L. Male 1901
Marny, Suzanne Female 1945
McColl, Dr. T. H. Male 1944
Miller, Mr. Edward Allen Male 1946
Mitchell, Mr. John B. Male 1946
Mowat, Rev. John B. Male 1900
Macdonald, Mr. Edward M. Male Ex-M.P. 1874
Madoe, Mr. J. H. Male Lawyer 1855
Marcia, Mother Mary Female 1956
Miles, Mr. Arthur W Male 1956
MacGill, Dr. Henry Male 1947
MacPherson, Mrs. Carrie Female D. S. MacPherson 1955
McLaughlin, Mr. Roland R. Male 1970
Mollet, Mr. Clarence Walter Male 1946
Macdonnell, Mrs. Agnes Ewart Female Norman S. Macdonnell 1947
MacNames, Mr. Nelson L. Male 1956
McMaster, Mr. Thomas Geer Male 1945
McCorkindale, Dr. William Menzies Male 1959
McGreer, Rev. Dr. A. H. Male 1948
MacDonald, Mr. Thomas Albert Male 1947