Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Photograph from the Emily Ferguson Murphy fonds.]
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Statue by Barbara Patterson, Parliament Hill, Ottawa]
Meighen, Mr. Arthur : Arthur Meighen [M.P. (Portage la Prairie), March 1912]
McFarlane, Dr. Lachlan
Morgan, Mr. Peter
Marston, Mrs.
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M.: Lucy Maud Montgomery [author of "Anne of Green Gables", ca 1920 –1930]
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail [15 May 1934]
Munro, Mr. Alexander M.
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail, M.P.
McDougall, Mr. Peter Male 1836 Dropsy
McGuigan, Miss. Gertrude Female
McIntosh, Rev. S. A. Male 1955
Marshall, Mr. Clarence Male 1957
McTavish, Mrs. Catherine A. Female John George McTavish 1841
McCoppin, Mr. Minnie Female William McCoppin 1955
Moffatt, Mr. Kenneth McKenzie Male
Mahaffy, Judge Arthur A. Male 1947
McKim, Miss. Helen A. Female 1960
McAfee, Mrs. Isobel Female Charles M. McAfee 1952
MacDonald, Mr. Archibald J. Male 1959
Manton, Mr. James Nathan Male 1948
Martin, Mrs. Mabel Female Charles F. Martin
McNaughton, Mr. A. G. L. Male 1966
Maxwell, Mr. Frank D. Male 1959
Menzies, Mrs. Davina G. Female J. R. Menzies 1956
Maxwell, Mr. Gordon N. Male 1959
McFarland, Mr. James Leroy Male 1961
Mondelet, Judge Male Judge 1876
McGuire, Miss. C. Eileen Female 1956
Morgan, Lt. Philip H. Male 1944
Macallum, Dr. Archibald Byron Male 1934
MacKenzie, Miss. Fannie C. Female 1952
McTavish, Rev. D. C. Male 1955
McCord Family,
Morrow, Mr. George K. Male 1941
MacLean, Rev. John Male 1928
McKim, Mr. William Andrew Male 1940
Mitchell, Mr. William R. Male 1959
Maxwell, Mr. William M. Male 1955
McCrimmon, Col. W. A. Male 1953
McGuire, Miss. Sarah Ellen Female 1945
MacDonald, Rev. Peter M. Male 1960
Mackenzie, Miss. Norena Female 1959
MacMurchy, Dr. Helen Female 1953
McMillan, Mr. A L Male
McCord, Hon. Thomas Male Author 1886
Mills, Mr. Gilbert U. Male 1957
Moffatt, Mr. Patrick Joseph Male 1954
Maher, Miss. Marie Female 1946