Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Lizars, Kathleen MacFarlane Female 1931
Lee, Mrs. Mary Gertrude Female W. T.J. Lee 1955
Lang, Mr. William Henry Male 1945
Lomas, Mr. Lewis J. Male 1956
Lloyd, Miss. Freda L. Female 1958
Lount, Mr. Homan Mulock Male 1956
Lawr, Mr. John Matthew Male 1946
Lacey, Prof. Alexander Male 1949
Loney, Mr. Clifford J. Male 1966
Lugsdin, Mrs. Agnes Kathrina Female William Horace Lugsdin 1959
Lousbury, Mr. R. Ray Male 1956
Lawrason, Mr. Jay B. Male 1954
Leonard, Col. Richard Male Sheriff and Colonal 1833
Lake, Sir Richard Male 1950
Lawson, Mrs. Aileen Lillian Female H. J.E. Lawson 1945
Lewis, Nellie Margaret Female 1956
Lindsell, Mr. Gerald Male 1953
Lowe, Mrs. Elsinore B. Female 1964
Lawson, Mrs. Grace Muriel Female Floyd Lawson 1952
Leigh-Mallory, Mrs. Martha B. Female George E. Leigh-Mallory 1958
Lewis, Senator John Male 1935
Laidlaw, Mrs. Bertha Fredericka Female John Laidlaw 1947
Lancaster, Mr. Harry Mill Male 1956
Lawson, Mrs. Ida Rose Female James G. Lawson 1946
Lynch, Mr. William Warren Male 1956
Lavell, Mona Female 1942
Lesslie, Mr. James Male Journalist 1885
Lowens, Mr. William James Male 1947
Lawson, Prof. George Male Professor 1895
Lynch, Mrs. Charles V. Female 1961
Langan, Mrs. Female Patrick Langan 1847
Lauder, Mr. Abraham William Male M.P.P for East Grey 1884
Lockyer, Mr. Edward R. Male 1958
Larkin, Mr. R. C. Male 1965
Ley, Mr. Charles H. Male 1955
Lewis, Dr. William Albert Male 1944
Leitch, Mr. Alex G. Male 1950
Langrill, Dr. Ashton S. Male 1948
Leeming, Rev. R. Male 1872
Little, Mrs. Harriet C. Female O. J. S. Little 1952
Lee, Mr. Charles Henry Male 1944
Lesslie, Mr. William Male Partner in Lesslie Bros. 1843
Laughlen, Dr. George F. Male 1946
Lawrence, Mr. Edwin Rogerson Male 1946
Leeming, Rev. William Male Rector of Chippewa 1863
Little, Mrs. Hattie Female Robert Little 1952
Lacroix, Mr. Fernand Male 1955
Lumsden, Dianne Female 1968
Lowrey, Dr. Roy C. Male 1945
Lees, Hon. John Male Store-keeper general for the Indian Department 1807