Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Livingston, Mr. John Male
LaGrandeur, Mr. Paul J. Male 1965
Lang, Mr. Arthur Gordon Male 1954
Lindsay, Mr. John Male 1944
Locke, Dr. George Herbert Male 1937
Lahey, Mr. William A. Male 1946
Lettner, Mr. Pearce Male 1977
Labelle, Father Male 1891
Lightbourne, Charlotte Woodford Female 1948
LaPorte, Mr. Pierre Male 1970
Lawson, Mr. Alexander Male Newspaper publisher 1885
Lewis, Mr. Levi Male Ex-M.P. 1875
Livingstone, Dora Female 1947
Lyons, Mr. John Male Registrar of the Niagara district 1844
Labelle, Msgr. Male 1891
Lindsay, Mr. John Herbert Male 1947
Logan, Mr. William H. Male 1946
Lightbourne, Mr. Stafford Male
Locke, Mr. Edward Harold Male 1958
Livingstone, Mr. Harry E. Male 1948
Lawler, Mr. Daisy Male 1944
Logan, Mr. William McGregor Male 1937
Luffman, Mrs. Bessie M. Female Harry L. Luffman 1955
Laskier, Mr. Ernest John Male 1948
Livingstone, Mr. Hereward David Male 1955
Lennox, Mr. James Wesley Male 1958
Livingstone, Mr. J. Mc E. Male 1955
Loukides, Mrs. Nellie Female 1958
Laidlaw, Mr. George Male 1889
Logan, Mrs. Nancy Female Hart Logan 1845
Little, Dr. Herbert M. Male 1934
Lamont, Dr. George Anderson Male 1955
Latham, Mr. Henry Male Lawyer 1856
Lighthal, Mr. George Peter Rutherford Male 1956
Lowe, Mr. Charles Southcott Male 1948
LeGrow, Mrs. Miriam Female A. C. LeGrow 1956
Lyons, Mr. Richard Male 1955
Little, Dr. O. J. S. Male 1961
Lang, Mr. Otto Theodore Male 1976
Latham, Mr. Jacob Male 1854
Lennox, Rev. John Male 1957
Lehmann, Mr. Adolf John V. Male 1961
Lomas, Mr. Isaac Ward Male 1946
Lugsdin, Mr. Laurence Male 1946
Lizars, Kathleen MacFarlane Female 1931
Lee, Mrs. Mary Gertrude Female W. T.J. Lee 1955
Lang, Mr. William Henry Male 1945
Lomas, Mr. Lewis J. Male 1956
Lloyd, Miss. Freda L. Female 1958
Lount, Mr. Homan Mulock Male 1956