Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Little, Mrs. Hattie Female Robert Little 1952
Lacroix, Mr. Fernand Male 1955
Lumsden, Dianne Female 1968
Lowrey, Dr. Roy C. Male 1945
Lees, Hon. John Male Store-keeper general for the Indian Department 1807
Lynd, Rev. Garnet W. Male 1961
LaDell, Mariette Female 1947
Langdon, Mrs. T. R. Female 1958
Laughlin, Mr. James E. Male 1944
Leith, Mrs. Female 1854
Love, Mr. Spencer Male Barrister 1912 Heart failure
Laing, Mr. J. Stewart Male 1956
Loscombe, Mrs. Female 1854 Cholera
Lundy, Mr. Francis James Male Rector, St. Andrews' Church 1868
Lowry, Dr. William Herbert Male 1942
Laing, Mr. John Melville Male 1947
Langton, Brig. Gen. Joseph G. Male 1935
Lewis, Mr. Claude E. Male 1965
Lotimer, Mr. James Stanley Male 1954
Laflamme, Dr. Paul Emile Male 1954
Laughran, Mrs. Annie Mary Female Frank Laughran 1946
Lloyd, Rev. G. S. Male 1955
Love, Mrs. Eva Burnside Female Harry H. Love 1946
Lynett, Mr. John Male 1958
Long, Prof. Morden H. Male 1965
Luard, General Male General 1891
Letondal, Mr. Arthur Male 1956
Leask, Mrs. Annette Maud Female William Malcolm Leask 1959
Lindberg, Mr. Scott Male 1960
Lloyd-Jones, Mr. Reginald H. Male 1944
Laing, Prof. Albert Thomas Male 1941
Loucks, Mr. Thomas Francis Male 1965
Lyon, Major Robert Plummer Male 1944
Lafleur, Joy Female 1957
Lamb, Mr. Henry John Male 1949
leMay, Mrs. Florence Muriel Female Tracy D. leMay 1956
Lively, Mr. Charlie Male 1954
Lee, Mr. John Nathaniel Male 1948
Lindsay, Dr. Ewart Male 1957
Lemieux, Mr. Auguste Male 1956
Legate, Mrs. Sarah F. Female Hector H. Legate 1951
Lett, Mr. Ben Male 1858
Lippert, Mr. Frederick W. Male 1958
Longfellow, Mr. Eddie Male 1959
Le Ray, Mr. William Jacob Male 1946
Lanoue, Mr. Freddie Male 1965
Lawrence, Mrs. Female Samuel Lawrence 1957
Lambart, Mr. Howard Frederick Male 1946
Le Vesconte, Col. Robert Cleugh Male 1945
Lett, Mrs. Female Lett 1855