Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Koldofsky, Mr. Adolphe Male
Karkeek, Mrs. Female 1856
King, Mrs. Mary M Female James H. King 1948
Knighton, Mr. Roy Male 1946
Kilinger, Mr. C. J. Male 1962
Kennedy, Mr. John Male 1957
Keys, Florence Valentine Female 1951
Karn, Mr. Roy Male 1957
Kerr, Col. W. G. Male 1951
Kirk, Mr. Donald W. Male 1955
Keys, Mr. Clement Melville Male 1952
Kingston, Prof. George Templeman Male 1886
Karn, Mr. William H. Male 1957
Kemp, Rev. Alan Ferrie Male Reverend and Author 1884
Kerr, Col. William Johnson Male 1845
Kitchen, Mr. George Walter Male 1944
Kent, Mr. Claude M. Male 1953
Kirk, Mr. George Joseph Male 1955
Kerr, Oril Valeria Female 1957
Knott, Christena G. Female 1957
Kerr, Dr. A. Roy Male 1952
Kuczer, Mr. Michael Male 1975
Kennedy, Mr. Peter C. Male 1949
Keys, V. Isabelle Female 1953
Kerr, Prof. Wilfred B. Male 1950
Kerr, Dr. Marion Grant Male 1951
Keightley, Mr. Bertram William Male 1947
Kent, Mr. H. F. Edmund Male 1949
Kennedy, Mr. Roderick Stuart Male 1953
Knott, Mr. John A. Male 1947
King, Mr. Edward William Male 1946
Kitto, Mr. Victor Male 1949
Killmaster, Margaret Duncan Female 1954
Kirk, Mr. William Frederick Male 1958
Kopplin, Mr. George Arthur Male
Kendall, Major Harvey Male 1946
Kellogg, Rev. S. H. Male Clergyman and author 1899
Keillor, Mr. Frank Male 1955
Kidd, Bishop John T. Male 1950
Kaake, Ethel Female 1965
Kent, Mr. John Antliff Male 1946
Killoran, Judge James L. Male 1950
Kinmond, Lt.-Col. R. D. Male 1948
Knowles, Hon. William Erskine Male 1951
Kent, Mr. W. Arthur Male 1945
Kennedy, Mr. Tom Male 1959
Kornfeld, Dr. Joseph S. Male 1943
Ketchen, Mrs. Maude MacAlpine Female Beverley Ketchen 1944
Kilpatrick, Dr. A. O. Male 1957
Keefer, Mr. F. Hugh Male 1949