Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Hallowell, Mr. William Male
Hennessy, Nina Female
Heron, Frances Female
Hudspeth, Mr. Thomas A. Male
Heron, Mr. James Male
Hilton, Mr. Hugh G. Male
Hagerman, Mr. James Talbot Male
Hallowell, Miss. M. Female
Hallowell, Mrs. Female Joseph Hallowell 1828
Heward, Col. Stephen Male Auditor-General of land patents, etc. 1828
Holland, Mr. A. R. Male Founder of the Acadian Recorder 1830
Heward, Mr. Charles Male 1834 28
Horner, Mr. Thomas Male M. P. P. 1834 70 Cholera
Hallowell, Mr. William Male 1838 67
Halkett, Capt. Frederich Male 1840
Hill, Mr. John Male Mohawk catechist 1840 59
Hawthorn, Mr. Male 1840
Hallowell, Mrs. Mary H. Female John Elmsley 1842
Halt, Hon. Samuel Male 1842 67
Henderson, Dr. Rufus C. Male Ex.-M. P. P. for Grenville under Colborne 1847 68
Heron, Mr. Andrew Male 1848 83
Haldimand, Mr. Louis Male Hardware merchant 1848 48
Hallowell, Mrs. Martha Female William Hallowell 1849
Heron, Mrs. Fanny Female James Heron 1850
Hart, Mr. Moses Male 1852 84
Holmes, Mr. Richard Male Farmer 1853
Huston, Mr. James Male 1854
Harding, Mr. S. W. Male Book-keeper 1854 32 Liver complaint
Hutchinson, Rev. John Male Formerly editor 1854
Heffernan, Mr. D. Male Schoolmaster 1856 59
Horwood, Mr. E. C. Male 1856
Holdsworth, Mr. Frederick Male 1857 53
Harkness, Mr. J. Male Quartermaster 1857 Killed in railroad accident at Hamilton
Henderson, Mr. Donald Male Hudson's Bay Company 1857 44
Hopley, Mr. Joseph Male Tavern-keeper 1858 49
Hurley, Mr. Dennis Male Late steward on steamboat 1858 37 Consumption
Hartman, Mr. J. Male M. P. P., farmer, warden, etc. 1859 38 Consumption
Hartman, Mr. Joseph Male 1859
Hawke, Mr. John Male Shoemaker 1859 65 Complication of disorders
Hayes, Mr. John Male Tavern-keeper 1859 36
Harrington, Mr. John Male Hardware merchant 1859 40 Killed by horse bucking him against a tree
Henry, Mr. Robert Male Formerly a partner in the North West Company 1859
Hackett, Mr. J. G. Male Clerk, Inspector General's Department, Quebec 1860 47
Hutson, Mr. Robert W. Male Formerly Deputy Chief of Police, then tavern-keeper 1860 43
Holmes, Mr. W. Male Shoemaker 1860 26 Consumption
Hessin, Mrs. Female 1860 62
Headley, Mr. George Male Tailor and constable 1860 42 Consumption
Henry, Mr. Walter Male Late Inspector-General of Hospitals 1860 69
Heddle, Mr. Robert Male Clerk in Bank of Montreal 1860 Consumption
Heeber, Mr. Edmund Male Tavern stable-keeper 1860 44