Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupationsort ascending Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Henderson, Mr. James W. Male Inspector, N. Scotland Loan Company 1900 55 Tumour or cancer
Henderson, Mr. Donald Male Hudson's Bay Company 1857 44
Hull, Mr. Robert Male House keeper, Court House 1897 48 Cirrhosis of liver
Holderness, Mr. John Male Hotel keeper 1904 65 Pneumonia
Hodgins, Mr. J. G. Male Historiographer of Ontario government 1912 91 Old age
Hallam, Mr. John Male Hide merchant 1900 66 Asthma
Haldimand, Mr. Louis Male Hardware merchant 1848 48
Hall, Mr. Richard Male Hardware merchant 1874 39
Harrington, Mr. John Male Hardware merchant 1859 40 Killed by horse bucking him against a tree
Harris, Mr. Thomas D. Male Harbour-Master 1873 69 Various ailments
Harris, Mr. William Male Had abattoir 1914 66 Heart disease
Howard, Mr. Richard H. Male Grocer and Liquor-dealer 1895 59
Hogg, Mr. William Male Grocer 1905 77 Apoplexy
Hubbard, Mr. Charles H. Male Gold leaf manufacturer 1900 68
Holland, Mr. A. R. Male Founder of the Acadian Recorder 1830
Houghton, Mr. George W. Male Formerly solicitor 1887 61
Hooper, Mr. Henry Thomas Male Formerly shoemaker 1898 82 Bronchitis
Horne, Mr. M. C. Male Formerly Rector High School 1884 70
Haslehurst, Mr. Benjamin Male Formerly porter at Rowsell's 1881 81
Hutchinson, Mr. Thomas Male Formerly merchant 1861 45
Hunt, Mr. William De Vere Male Formerly in the Army 1862 72
Hamilton, Col. George Male Formerly in Receiver General's Department 1866 83
Hanscombe, Mr. Ninian Male Formerly horse-dealer 1894 73
Haworth, Mr. Thomas Male Formerly hardware merchant 1878 68 Apoplexy
Houel, Mr. Augustus J. Male Formerly foreman printer "Globe" 1883 73 Paralysis
Hawke, Mr. Anthony B. Male Formerly emigration agent 1867 68
Hutchinson, Rev. John Male Formerly editor 1854
Holmes, Mr. William O'Neil Male Formerly dry goods merchant 1881 55
Heakes, Mr. Samuel Male Formerly dry goods 1889 75
Hutson, Mr. Robert W. Male Formerly Deputy Chief of Police, then tavern-keeper 1860 43
Hamilton, Mr. Andrew Male Formerly crockery merchant 1887 80
Haycock, Mr. William Male Formerly confectioner 1891 92
Hunter, Mr. James Male Formerly clerk in Custom-house 1867 64 Suicide
Hetherington, Mr. John Male Formerly clerk in City Clerk's office 1880 43 Inflammation of lungs
Higgins, Mr. W. Male Formerly Chief Constable of County York 1871 77
Hancock, Mr. Edward Charles Male Formerly Captain, Clerk of the Peace 1861 38 Consumption
Heward, Mr. John O. Male Formerly broker 1890 69 La Grippe
Hodgson, Mr. Robert Male Formerly blacksmith 1880 66 Softening of brain, paralysis
Heward, Mr. Stephen Male Formerly bank teller 1881 54 Complication
Howard, Mr. John G. Male Formerly architect 1890 86 La Grippe
Hillary, Nora Harriet Female Formerly a prominent vocalist 1915 72
Henry, Mr. Robert Male Formerly a partner in the North West Company 1859
Harrison, Mr. S. R. Male Former shoe store 1918 62 Clot in brain
Hogben, Mr. Henry Male Former restaurant-keeper 1909 79
Halley, Mr. William Male Former printer 1908 76 Paralysis
Harvey, Mr. Arthur Male Former manager of a financial company 1905 71
Hincks, Sir Francis Male Former Inspector General, etc. 1885 77 Small-pox
Harris, Mr. W. R. Male Former hardware merchant, accountant 1902 75 Paralysis
Hough, Mr. Harry Male Former editor 1917 79 Paralysis
Hannah, Mrs. Julia Female Fishmonger's wife 1880 29 Consumption