Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Hunt, Rev. John Male Methodist Minister 1901 82 General break-up
Howe, Mrs. Hester Jane Female M. C. Howe 1899 80 General break-up
Hastings, Mr. Richard Male Dry goods merchant 1880 68 General break-up
Hagarty, Sir John H. Male Ex-Chief Justice 1900 82 General break-up
Hirschfelder, Prof. Jacob Maier Male Professor, Toronto University 1902 83 General break-up
Henderson, Mr. James Male Agent, etc. 1874 70 General debility
Harrison, Hon. S. B. Male County judge 1867 65 Gout, heart disease
Henderson, Mr. James Male Messenger, Receiver-General's Department 1886 58 Heart disease
Howarth, Mr. Samuel Male Druggist 1909 54 Heart disease
Herman, Mrs. Victoria Emma Female Matron, Aged Women's Home 1891 47 Heart disease
Harrington, Mrs. Eliza Female James Blair Harrington 1891 68 Heart disease
Harrison, Mr. Glover Male China merchant 1888 63 Heart disease
Harris, Mr. William Male Had abattoir 1914 66 Heart disease
Hodgins, Judge Thomas Male Judge 1910 81 Heart failure
Houston, Mr. Stewart Male Manager, Massey Hall 1910 42 Heart failure
Hewitt, Mr. William Male Postage stamp agent 1905 83 Heart failure
Hughes, Mr. Patrick Male Ex-Dry goods 1899 70 Heart failure
Hughes, Mr. B. B. Male Ex-Wholesale dry goods 1899 60 Heart failure after Grippe
Holden, Mr. James Male Managing Director of Whitby & Port Perry Railway 1881 53 Inflammation of lungs
Hetherington, Mr. John Male Formerly clerk in City Clerk's office 1880 43 Inflammation of lungs
Hayman, Mr. Charles S. Male Merchant Tailor 1868 34 Inflammation of lungs
Henwood, Mr. William Male Tavernkeeper 1867 40 Inflammation of lungs
Harris, Mrs. Lucille C. Female J. D. Harris 1869 58 Inflammation of lungs
Hyslop, Mr. William Male Auto dealer 1919 47 Influenza
Harrison, Mr. R. W. Male 1907 71 Kidney disease
Humphries, Mr. Charles E. Male Lawyer's clerk 1873 43 Killed by G. J. Railway
Harrington, Mr. John Male Hardware merchant 1859 40 Killed by horse bucking him against a tree
Hall, Mr. David R. P. Male Lamplighter 1902 52 Killed by street railway
Harkness, Mr. J. Male Quartermaster 1857 Killed in railroad accident at Hamilton
Howson, Mr. Joseph Male Doctor, Insurance agent 1873 37 Killed, thrown from buggy
Heward, Mr. John O. Male Formerly broker 1890 69 La Grippe
Hunter, Mr. Robert Male Fireman 1897 75 La Grippe
Howard, Mr. John G. Male Formerly architect 1890 86 La Grippe
Harrison, Mrs. Ann Maria Female 1896 54 Liver complaint
Harding, Mr. S. W. Male Book-keeper 1854 32 Liver complaint
Hahassey, Catherine Female Confectioner 1895 60 Lung trouble
Hind, Mrs. Jane Female 1863 30 Miscarriage
Hodgins, Mr. J. G. Male Historiographer of Ontario government 1912 91 Old age
Henderson, Mr. George Male Custom-house clerk 1872 84 Old age
Honstein, Mr. John Male Tailor 1863 111 Old age?
Harding, Mr. Robert Male Book binder 1865 25 Organic heart disease
Hunter, Rev. John E. Male Evangelist 1919 62 Palsy
Houel, Mr. Augustus J. Male Formerly foreman printer "Globe" 1883 73 Paralysis
Howard, Mr. Henry Taylor Male Reporter for Telegram 1899 61 Paralysis
Hough, Mr. Harry Male Former editor 1917 79 Paralysis
Heath, Mr. C. W. Male Ex-Major, Canadian Lancers in 1840 1900 86 Paralysis
Hamilton, Mr. William Male Ex-Superintendant, Waterworks 1898 63 Paralysis
Hanna, Mr. W. J. Male Ex-Provincial Secretary, Ontario 1919 53 Paralysis
Hawke, Mrs. Anna Female 1864 69 Paralysis
Hawkins, Bishop Walter Male 1894 86 Paralysis