Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Hallowell, Mr. William Male
Haskett, Mrs. Vera Female Irwin Haskett 1970
Harrison, Mrs. Female J. W. F. Harrison 1935
Hunt, Mrs. Caroline E. Female John I. A. Hunt 1947
Harcourt, Dr. Robert Male 1943
Harris-Smith, Mr. William Male 1944
Hodgins, Mr. Charles Constantine Male 1942
Hooey, Esther D. Female 1948
Hacker, Mr. William James Male 1952
Hallowell, Mrs. Female Joseph Hallowell 1828
Hoare, Mr. P. J. Male 1965
Hall, Mr. Vernon C. Male 1957
Hartman, Mr. Joseph Male 1859
Heming, Mr. Charles Whitlaw Male 1954
Howley, Mr. Emmett F. Male 1959
Hooke, Mr. J. Harry Male 1946
Hallowell, Mrs. Martha Female William Hallowell 1849
Harris, Mr. James Male 1957
Hickey, Mr. Elsie Male 1947
Holmes, Mr. Richard Male Farmer 1853
Hoult, Mr. John Male 1944
Hogan, Mr. Joseph J. Male 1957
Hodgins, Mr. J. Herbert Male 1949
Hallowell, Mrs. Mary H. Female John Elmsley 1842
Hennessy, Nina Female
Hutcheson, Mrs. Amie Female 1971
Hobbes, Mr. R. A. O. Male 1958
Holland, Mr. A. R. Male Founder of the Acadian Recorder 1830
Horsey, Senator Henry Male 1942
Heming, Mrs. Margaret Female Charles Whitlaw Heming 1966
Heslop, Mrs. Queenie A. Female Garnet W. Heslop 1946
Harcourt, Mrs. Kathleen Female Richard Harcourt 1956
Heighington, Mr. Angus Compston Male 1965
Humphrey, Mrs. Lenore Female Jasper Humphrey 1956
Hodgins, Mrs. Blanche Female Frank Egerton Hodgins 1953
Halkett, Capt. Frederich Male 1840