Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Gibbon, Mrs. Female Gerald Fitz Gibbon 1956
Gooch, Mrs. Lilian May Female George E. Gooch 1954
Guay, Michael Male 1965
Gillespie, Mr. William Male Author and journalist 1886
Gordon, Mr. Huntley Kay Male 1949
Givens, Rev. Saltern Male 1880
Globensky, Mr. Charles Augustus Maximilien Male Author 1906
Gordon, Mr. James Male
Givins, Col. James Male Late Superintendent of Indian Affairs 1846
Gunn, Miss. Jean Isabel Female 1941
Gilray, Mr. Stuart A. Male 1956
Guay, Mrs. Female Edward Guay 1965
Gillespie, Sir Robert Male
Gemmel, Mr. A. Male 1857
Griffin, Col. Philip George Male 1945
Gauthier, Eva Female 1958
Givins, Mrs. Female James Givins 1842
Gregory, Mrs. Mary Frances Female Walter Dymond Gregory 1945
Grant, Mr. Francis Male 1842
Grainger, Mrs. Amy Elsie Female William Grainger 1946
Green, Mr. Henry E. W. Male 1948
Guyot, Lt.-Col. Roger F. S. L. Male 1956
Goodwin, Mr. Arthur Clyde Male 1946
Gibbons, Mr. Joseph Male 1946
Gould, Mr. J. Gordon Male 1943
Gemmel, Mr. Robert Male 1954
Gale, Rev. A. Male Formerly of Knox College 1854
Goodwin, Mr. George Alfred Male 1947
Gaby, Dr. Frederick Arthur Male 1947
Greenshields, Mr. George A. Male 1958
Green, Mr. John Henry Male 1946
Griffin, Mr. E. Jervis F. Male Winnifred Peacock 1948
Gauthier, Mr. Paul Male 1957
Graham, Dr. Angus Male 1943
Garvie, Capt. Ben Male 1957
Gibbs, Dorothy Roblin Female 1957
Gimby, Rev. John Male Church of England Minister 1891
Guest, Dr. F. R. Male 1957
Glover, Mr. Ellis Male 1955
Gordon, Mr. Joseph H. Male 1944
Graham, Mr. Sumner W. Male 1957
Gadsby, Mr. Henry Franklyn Male 1951
Gillie, Lt.-Col. George D. Male 1947
Gavin, Dr. E. Gertrude Female 1942
Gibson, Mrs. Catherine Ann Female John M. Gibson 1960
Gaffney, Mrs. Emma Female Frank A. Gaffney 1960
Gibbs, Mr. Fletcher B. Male 1962
Gammell, Mr. Hugh Graham Male 1960
Gordon, Mr. Peter Male 1956
Gray, Mr. John Male 1829