Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Fraser, Hon. Alexander Male 1853
Fleming, Sir Sandford : Sir Sandford Fleming [July 1893]
Fleming, Sir Sandford : Sir Sandford Fleming [portrait by John Wycliffe Lowes Forester, 1892]
Foster, Hon. A. B. Male 1877
FitzGerald, Mr. John G. Male 1958
Fisher, Mr. Frank Edgar Male 1957
Fothergill, Mr. Charles Male
Filson, Anna P. Female 1946
Farrell, Mr. Alfred Male 1956
Ferrato, Mr. Vitorio Male 1965
Fraser, Dr. Donald Thomas Male 1954
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Female Claude Fitzgerald 1965
Fairfield, Isabelle Female 1959
Fennell, Mrs. Female Robert Fennell 1947
Ferrier, Dr. J. Norman Male 1957
Farjeon, Mr. Eleanor Male 1965
Foley, Pearl Beatrix Female 1953
Firth, Mr. J. L. Male 1959
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Gertrude E. Female John H. Fitzgerald 1952
Fulton, Mr. John Male 1887
Forrest, Mr. Edmund William Male Novelist 1880
Ferrier, Mr. George Norton Male 1946
Foulds, Mrs. Florence D. Female Gordon S. Foulds 1954
Fairlie, Mr. Matthew F. Male 1944
Fischer, Mr. Dwight M. Male 1958
Fletcher-Copp, Mrs. Evelyn Female Alfred E. Fletcher-Copp 1945
Foster, Mona Female 1976
Folinsbee, Mr. Maurice James Male 1955
Freeland, Mr. George P. Male 1937
Fairlie, Mr. Thomas Urquhart Male 1955
Flett, Florence E. Female 1954
Fraser, Mr. John Male
Fax, Mr. Reuben Male Canadian comedian 1908
Fraser, Florence I. Female 1961
Farrell, Mr. William Male Labourer at Gas Works 1861 Drowning
Ferris, Mr. C. Bruce Male 1965
Fraino, Mr. Reginald Male 1965
Ferguson, Mr. John Male 1957
Forster, Mr. John Clifton Male 1952
Foster, Mr. Donald Male 1948
Furlong, Lt.-Col. Male
Ferris, Mr. R. H. C. Male 1955
Fraleigh, Mrs. Frances Female J. S. Fraleigh 1951
Fontaine, Mr. Robert Male 1965
Forsyth, Lt. Thomas Male Late Lieutenant in H. M. 32nd Foot 1843
Fraser, Hon. James Male 1884
Ferris, Mr. Robert H. Male 1960
Fisher, Mrs. Mabel Female Randolph Murray Fisher 1965
Fooks, Mrs. Adie L. Female J. W. Fooks 1944
Flight, Mr. William Male Auctioneer 1857