Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Evans, Mrs. Mary J.
Edmison, Dr. Thomas Bickerton Male 1947
Ermatinger, Mr. Male
Earl, Mrs. Maria Female Harry Earl 1947
Ermatinger, Mr. Frederick William Male Inspector and Superintendent of Police 1869
Ermatinger, Mr. James Male
Early, Major James Male 1952
Embree, Mr. Clarence William Male 1957
Easson, Margaret Female John B. Easson 1959
Easson, Mr. Charles H. Male 1954
Emerson, Elizabeth Female 1946
Ellice, Mr. Edward Male
Egan, Monseigneur William A. Male 1953
Evans, Mr. Robert Ramsey Male 1951
Emery, Harriet Mary Female 1946
Escalante, Mr. Cesar Male 1965
Egan, Mr. James A. Male 1955
Edwards, Grace Female 1953
Ellison, Mr. James Saunders Male 1957
English, Mr. Sydney J. Male 1944
Emmett, Dr. George Male 1943
Essen, Mr. John F. Male Clerk 1859 Consumption
Easton, Mr. Arthur Male 1959
English, Mrs. Mary Sophia Female E. Ernest English 1946
Egan, Rev. John T. Male 1956
Elliott, Nell E. Female 1959
Ellison, Rev. David Inglis Male 1946
Ecclestone, Mr. Wilfred Marlow Male 1955
Emmett, Mrs. Lottie J. Female George Emmett 1945
Ellsworth, Dr. Hardy Vincent Male 1952
Echlin, Mr. Erland Male 1951
Easton, Mr. W. Male 1955
Enright, Mrs. Mildred Female James Enright 1961
Emmons, Mr. Donald Armstrong Male 1972
Evans, Mrs. Stella Mae Female A. Gordon Evans 1945
Entwistle, Mrs. Jean Tisdale Female Willis Entwistle 1953
Ellsworth, Mrs. Female Albert L. Ellsworth 1947
Easton, Mrs. Kathleen Female William Easton 1956
Eppes, Major David Douglas Riou Male 1940
Empey, Mr. John Morgan Male 1942
Ellis, Miss. Etta M. C. Female 1946
Epps, Mr. Elmer Ross Male 1946
Elmsley, Hon. John Male
Eddy, Mr. Ezra Butler Male 1906
Eagleson, Dr. Sam Male 1955
Eastwood, Mr. William Octavius Male 1913
Elder, Mr. Frederick Male 1962
Euler, Senator William Daum Male 1961
Eakins, Mr. Sidney W. Male 1954
Eustes, Mrs. Florence Elizabeth Female William S. Eustes 1952