Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Dixon, Mr. John
DeBlaquiere, Hon. P. B.
Dates of decease of those who were my friends, or with whom I was slightly acquainted (vol. 1 & 2) by William H. Pearson
Dionne, Emilie : Émilie Dionne [The Dionne Quintuplets, accompanied by Mrs Olive Dionne and Frère Gustave Sauvé, 1947.]
Denovan, Rev. Joshua Male Author 1901
Della Scala, Mrs. Irene Female Mastino Della Scala
Draper, Mr. William George Male
Draper, Mr. William George Male
Drury, Mr. E. C. Male 90
Dunlop, Mrs. Beulah Female Frank M. Dunlop
Dale, Mr. William A. Male 41
Dumsday, Mrs. Anne Female William H. Dumsday 49
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Philip Male
Dickson, Mr. Robert Male 1823
David, Mr. David Male Merchant 1824
Duncan, Mr. John Morison Male 1825 30
Dickson, Mr. Thomas Male 1825
Desjardins, Mr. Male 1827
Durand, Mr. James Male Register of the Gen. district, and formerly M. P. P. 1833
D'olier, Rev. R. H. Male 1839
Dalton, Mr. Thomas Male Editor of the Patriot 1840 59
Dickson, Hon. Robert Male 1846
Dease, Dr. Peter Warren Male 1853
Dennison, Mr. George Male Gentleman farmer, Major in Militia 1853
Dillon, Mr. George Male Clerk 1855 34 Complication of disorders
Dixon, Mr. Alexander Male Saddler 1855 63
Dillon, Mr. Arthur Male 1856 34 Committed suicide, delirium tremens
Davis, Mrs. W. H. Female 1857 23 Child-birth
Davis, Mr. Calvin Male 1857 62
Dunlevy, Mr. C. Male Proprietor of "The Mirror" 1858 45
Durnan, Mr. James W. Male Fisherman 1858 27 Consumption
Dunlevy, Mr. Charles Male Editor 1858 45 Dropped dead, fit
De L'Armitage, Mr. Male Alderman, editor, and publisher at the Kingston Herald 1858 38
Davis, Mr. William Male Late constable and tavern-keeper 1859 55
DeBlaquiere, Hon. P. B. Male Member, Legislative Council 1860 77 Apoplexy
Dancy, Mrs. Female Wife of City Missionary 1861 38 Complication
Dempsey, Mr. Richard Male County Attorney and Clerk of the Peace 1862 37 Congestion of the liver, etc.
Doran, Mary Female 1863 7 Results of typhoid fever
Duggan, Mrs. Eliza Ann Female 1863 44
Derbishire, Mr. Stewart Male Queen's Printer 1863 66
Derbishire, Mr. Stewart Male 1863 66
Dredge, Mr. Francis Charles Male Bookbinder 1863 38 Jaundice
Duggan, Col. George Male 1863 80 Paralysis, etc.
Duggan, Col. George Male 1863 80
Dempsey, Mr. John Male Late weigh-master 1863 73 Old age
Dease, Mr. P. W. Male 1863
Daly, Mr. Charles Male City clerk 1864 56 Results of dissipation
Dunn, Mr. Jonathan Male Butcher 1864 66 Complication