Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort ascending
Doolittle, Mr. Male Farmer 1896 82 Tumour
Dundas, Mr. Joseph R. Male Provision merchant 1896 60 Trouble with bladder
Durnan, Mr. Henry A. Male Compositor 1899 56 Suicide by drowning
DeGrassi, Dr. George P. Male Doctor 1881 39 Spinal meningitis
Dack, Mr. Edward Male Shoemaker 1898 84 Senile decay
Despard, Mr. F. A. Male Ammoniacal liquor business 1911 74 Rheumatism, etc.
Darling, Rev. W. S. Male Rector, Holy Trinity Church 1886 68 Rheumatic fever
Doran, Mary Female 1863 7 Results of typhoid fever
Daly, Mr. Charles Male City clerk 1864 56 Results of dissipation
Dixon, Mr. John Male Formerly in saddlery, hardware 1903 72 Result of railway accident
Dowie, Rev. J. A. Male Elijah the Second 1907 59 Result of paralysis
Dwight, Mr. Charles P. Male Secretary, Telegraph Co. 1901 29 Pneumonia
Doolittle, Mrs. Edith Jane Female Clarence Doolittle 1918 30 Pneumonia
Doyle, Mr. James N. Male Barrister, etc. 1893 61 Pneumonia
Doran, Mr. John E. Male Trunk maker 1897 45 Pneumonia
Dempster, Mrs. Robert Female 1919 61 Pneumonia
Duggan, Col. George Male 1863 80 Paralysis, etc.
Duggan, Mr. Joseph Male Ex-Hotel keeper and horse dealer 1904 74 Paralysis and heart failure
Dredge, Mr. Alfred Male Ex-Stationer 1901 73 Paralysis and general break-up
Davy, Mr. James Male Secretary, Public Library 1898 72 Paralysis
Dickson, Mr. George Male Educationist, former principal of Upper Canada College 1910 64 Paralysis
Douglas, Capt. John Male Ex-Insurance Manager, lake captain 1894 67 Paralysis
Doel, Mr. John Male Formerly Brewer 1871 80 Paralysis
Denison, Col. G. J. Male Retired lawyer 1873 56 Paralysis
Dyer, Rev. James O. Male Methodist 1908 79 Paralysis
DuVernet, Mr. E. E. A. Male Barrister 1915 49 Overworked brain
Douse, Rev. John Male Methodist Minister 1886 84 Old age
Dean, Mrs. Fulda Female Thomas Dean 1891 93 Old age
Dempsey, Mr. John Male Late weigh-master 1863 73 Old age
Davids, Mr. C. K. Male 1872 85 Old age
Durand, Mr. Charles Male Lawyer 1905 94 Old age
Durie, Dr. W. J. Male Doctor, Late Inspector, General Hospitals 1871 91 Old age
Doel, Rev. John B. Male Methodist Minister 1909 93 Old age
Dean, Mr. Thomas Male Retired leather merchant 1877 84 Old age
Doty, Mr. Frank N. Male Machinist 1896 46 Killed by derrick
Doherty, Mr. Charles B. Male Tobacconist 1900 55 Kidney, liver and heart trouble
Dredge, Mr. Francis Charles Male Bookbinder 1863 38 Jaundice
Dunbar, Mr. Richard Male Grocer 1890 60 Hemorrhage, result of Grippe
Defoe, Mr. Daniel M. Male Assessment Court 1910 75 Heart failure
Dick, Capt. John Male Master of Lake Steamer 1895 75 Heart failure
Dow, Mr. George F. Male Book peddler 1890 59 Heart failure
Dedrickson, Mr. Charles E. Male Newspaper man 1900 51 Heart failure
Dunstan, Mr. George Male Broker 1908 52 Heart failure
Davis, Mr. John H. Male Clerk, Post Office 1893 61 Heart disease, etc.
Dalton, Mr. R. G. Male Master in Chancery 1892 74 Heart disease, dropsy
Doty, Mr. Frederick H. Male Machinist 1912 63 Heart disease
Dillon, Mr. John J. B. Male Commercial traveller 1887 35 Heart disease
David, Mr. Joseph Male Former druggist 1887 52 Heart disease
Dunlop, Mrs. Martha J. Female Straw worker and cleaner 1870 40 Heart disease
Dawson, Lt.-Col. George D. Male Wine merchant 1897 58 Heart disease