Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Dates of decease of those who were my friends, or with whom I was slightly acquainted (vol. 1 & 2) by William H. Pearson
Dionne, Emilie : Émilie Dionne [The Dionne Quintuplets, accompanied by Mrs Olive Dionne and Frère Gustave Sauvé, 1947.]
Desjardins, Mr. Male 1827
Dixon, Mr. John
DeBlaquiere, Hon. P. B.
Dingman, Mr. William Smith Male 1947
Dalrymple, Dr. James Malcolm Male 1943
Doan, Mr. Freemont Walter Male 1948
Duff, Dr. T. A. Jamieson Male 1960
Dane, Mr. Clemence Male 1965
Deacon, Mrs. Anna Female Charles R. Deacon 1955
Duncan, Mr. Robert Male 1952
Duhamel, Hon. George Male 1892
Duff, Mr. A. R. Male 1955
Donnelly, Isobel Female 1955
Draper, Mr. Francis Collier Male 1894
Duhamel, Monseigneur Joseph Thomas Male 1909
Douglas, Mr. William Colin Male 1956
Daniel, Mr. Francois Male 1965
Daniel, Mrs. Female Francois Daniel 1965
Drummond, Lady Grace Julia Female George Drummond 1942
Duncan, Mr. Thomas R. Male 1953
Duff, Mr. Gegore Syman Male 1957
Dionne, Emilie Female 1954
Draper, Mr. Selby Male 1948
Denison, Col. Walter Wallbridge Male 1944
Dickson, Hon. Robert Male 1846
Doherty, Mrs. Dolores Female Manning William Doherty 1948
Della Scala, Mrs. Irene Female Mastino Della Scala
Duff, Mr. John MacIntosh Male 1952
Downie, Mrs. Charlotte Female William Downie 1952
Duff, Mr. Louis Blake Male 1959
Dunlop, Mr. Robert J. Male 1957
Draper, Mr. William George Male Judge of the County Court 1868
Davidson, Mrs. Female John Davidson 1957
Dulmage, Mr. George Male 1959
Diamond, Mr. William J. Male 1956
Dottridge, Mr. George Male 1952
Draper, Mr. William George Male
Davidson, Mrs. Carolina Sophia Female R. B. Davidson 1947
Davy, Major Frederick Male 1949
Dillon, Mr. John B. Male 1954
Donovan, Justice William James Male 1949
Draper, Mr. William George Male
Davidson, Mrs. Helen Female Dorwin Leslie Davidson 1961
Downing, Mr. James A. Male 1942
Dobbin, Mr. W. Leslie Male 1958
Devine, Mrs. Helen Female F. A. Devine 1959
Dermody, Rev. Vincent A. Male 1946
Dymond, Mr. Ethel May Male 1954