Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Case, Mr. H. Reginald Male 1956
Chisholm, Mr. Brock Male 1971
Clark, Mr. Delmar A. Male 1961
Crozier, Lt.-Col. James Alexander Male 1951
Craig, Mr. Ross J. Male 1952
Currie, Sir Arthur Male 1933
Carpmael, Mr. Charles H. Male Director of the Meteorological Service 1894
Clutterbuck, Dr. Herbert Ernest Male 1952
Clark, Mrs. Adelaide Female Malcolm Clark 1945
Cowles, Mr. John P. Male 1957
Carroll, Kimberley Female 1965
Curry, Dr. Benjamin James Male 1942
Campbell, Mrs. Vera Female Hugh A. Campbell 1955
Clarke, Mr. Henry William Male 1946
Cook, Florence Adelaide Female 1949
Chisholm, Mr. Duncan Henry Male 1948
Connor, Dora Female 1958
Cressman, Mr. Donald Male 1965
Campbell, Jessie Gordon Female 1958
Carter, Dorothy May Female 1966
Code, Mrs. A. S. Female 1962
Copeland, Rev. Thomas MacDuff Male 1947
Cousins, Dr. A. D. Male 1947
Clarkson, Mr. Percy E. Male 1958
Collins, Mr. George R. N. Male 1958
Clarke, Mr. Hugh Male 1847
Cunningham, Mr. Richard J. Male 1960
Copeman, Mrs. Margaret Female Percy Copeman 1950
Caven, Dr. William Proudfoot Male 1943
Clarkson, Mr. Richard Male 1959
Cochrane, Mr. Wilbur Carlisle Male 1971
Coughlan, Mrs. Olive Female Timothy A. Coughlan 1948
Cosens, Michelle Female 1965
Crombie, Mr. Ernestus M. A. Male 1883
Connor, Mr. Denis Campbell Male 1971
Cochrane, Mrs. Eliza Female J. C. Cochrane 1945
Craigie, Mr. William Male 1872
Cunningham, Mr. Thomas Male 1965
Chisholm, Mr. Morley Stafford Male 1953
Connor, Mr. Ralph Male
Campbell, Lt.-Col. Harold M. Male 1955
Carter, Mr. Charles H. Male 1952
Conant, Mr. Gordon D. Male 1953
Crawford, Mr. Thomas J. Male 1956
Cruikshank, Dr. George Robert Male 1940
Caswell, Mr. Edward S. Male 1938
Crombie, Mr. Marcus C. Male Headmaster of Toronto Grammar School 1852
Connor, Mr. Robert Male Clerk 1870 Consumption
Collins, Mr. James Upper Male 1948
Curry, Mr. Samuel George Male 1942