Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Clarke, Mr. T. G. Male
Coste, Mr. Euguene Male 1940
Cowan, Rev. Dr. Hugh Male 1943
Caskey, Mr. Herbert K. Male 1957
Court, Mr. Frederick Walter Male 1960
Chamberlin, Mr. Brown Male 1897
Clark, Mr. Malcolm Lawrence Male 1955
Clawson, Mr. William H. Male 1971
Coatsworth, Judge Emerson Male 1943
Childs, Mr. George G. Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Malcolm Neil Male 1944
Conn, Capt. Hartly Robert Male 1943
Coram, Dr. George Henry Male 1949
Carrall, Hon. R. W. W. Male 1879
Campbell, Mr. P. Male 1856 Drowned
Carleton, Mr. John Male 1954
Clench, Col. Joseph B. Male 1857
Coffey, Mrs. Anne Female 1962
Cotton, Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Male 1947
Currie, Mr. Thomas Dickson Male 1960
Capreol, Mr. Alfred Reginald Male 1947
Colpus, Mrs. Gertrude Female 1959
Clarke, Mr. William H. Male 1956
Cook, Rev. John Male 1892
Creise, Mr. Hebron G. Male 1954
Chong, Kana Female 1965
Crowther, Mr. Ernest Male 1945
Cartwright, Dr. Mabel Female 1955
Conn, Rev. James R. Male 1949
Craig, Mr. Marvin L. Male 1957
Cunningham, Mr. Frank H. Male 1954
Chudleigh, Mr. Edward Logan Male 1948
Collacutt, Mr. S. J. Male 1962
Cooke, Dr. Hugh McCulla Male 1943
Cornish, Mrs. Maud Female George A. Cornish 1950
Clench, Mrs. Female Ralfe Clench 1850
Coffman, Mr. W. Male 1965
Connable, Mr. Ralph Male 1939
Craig, Mr. Ross J. Male 1952
Currie, Sir Arthur Male 1933
Cameron, Mrs. Hilda M. Female Wallace B. Cameron 1954
Carscallen, Mr. Henry Male 1955
Cawthra, Mrs. Ada Female H. Victor Cawthra 1947
Cherry, Mr. Percy G. Male 1954
Clayson, Hon. William Herbert Male 1958
Cobb, Mrs. Ella May Female H. S. Cobb 1959
Collett, Mrs. Bessie Louise Female Norman Collett 1956
Cowles, Mr. John P. Male 1957
Choquette, Mr. Robert H. Male 1939
Constantine, Maj.-Gen. C. F. Male 1953