Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort ascending
Cosby, Col. A. M. Male Manager, Loan Co. 1900 60 Liver complaint
Crowther, Mrs. Amelia Female James Crowther 1894 70 La Grippe, heart disease
Cawthra, Mr. Joseph Male Retired merchant 1892 70 La Grippe
Clark, Mr. Thomas Male Confectioner 1901 58 Killed, run over by dray
Cockburn, Mr. Churchill H. Z. Male Rancher 1913 45 Killed by kick from a horse
Coates, Mr. Edwin J. Male Publisher Musical Times 1890 25 Killed by fall from a horse
Close, Mr. P. G. Male Ex-Grocer, member of Court of Revisions 1900 25 Kidney trouble and blood poisoning
Coombe, Mr. John Male Ex-Druggist 1891 66 Kidney disease
Carty, Mrs. Mary Female Jeremiah Carty 1876 60 Jaundice
Coleman, Mrs. Jane Isabella Female 1871 37 Internal complication
Creighton, Mr. Samuel Male Turner 1866 60 Inflammation of lungs
Campbell, Mr. Donald Male Barrister 1866 40 Inflammation of lungs
Cameron, Sir Matthew Crooks Male Chief Justice 1887 64 Inflammation of bowels
Crookshank, Hon. George Male 1859 86 Infirmity, old age
Coates, Mr. J. D. Male 1857 25 Hemorage [sic] lungs
Cameron, Mr. John Duncan Male Ex-Contractor 1917 77 Heart trouble, bronchitis and paralysis
Clapp, Dr. J. C. Male Physician 1890 60 Heart failure, result of La Grippe
Craig, Mr. Thomas Dixon Male Former leather merchant 1905 62 Heart failure
Cockburn, Mr. A. R. Male Steamboat owner, etc. 1905 68 Heart failure
Clarke, Mrs. Annie Female H. E. Clarke 1898 68 Heart failure
Caughey, Rev. James Male Methodist Minister 1891 80 Heart failure
Clarke, Mr. E. F. Male Painter, M. P. 1905 55 Heart Failure
Clarke, Mr. Henry E. Male M. P. P., Trunk Manufacturer 1892 63 Heart failure
Curzon, Hon. E. R. Male Late clerk at Custom house 1862 64 Heart disease, etc.
Cuthbertson, Mrs. Annie Female R. S. Cuthbertson 1907 72 Heart disease and diabetes
Cuthbertson, Ellen Female Milliner 1871 37 Heart disease
Clark, Mrs. Alice Maud Female W. S. Clark 1879 25 Heart disease
Clarke, Mr. James Paton Male 1877 69 Heart disease
Currie, Mr. James Male Boiler-maker 1882 61 Heart disease
Campbell, Prof. John Male 1904 64 Heart disease
Cuthbertson, Mr. Edward G. Male Book keeper 1880 56 Heart disease
Caldicott, Rev. F. J. Male Pastor, Baptist Church 1869 66 Heart disease
Conger, Mr. P. D. Male General merchant 1885 49 Heart disease
Cumberland, Mr. F. W. Male Managing Director, Northern Railway 1881 61 Heart disease
Church, Eleanor Female 1887 40 Heart disease
Chapman, Mr. Benjamin Male Watchmaker 1901 65 Heart disease
Clark, Joseph O. Male 1863 12 Heart disease
Clayton, Marion Female 1864 15 Heart disease
Cooke, Mr. John Male Agent, etc. 1869 66 Heart disease
Clarke, Rev. Richard Male Weleyan Minister 1890 68 Heart disease
Cluff, Mr. William J. Male Boots and shoes 1904 42 Heart disease
Coddington, Mr. William Henry Male Hatter 1913 73 Heart disease
Cook, Mr. Thomas J. Male Turkish baths 1902 56 Heart and liver trouble
Croft, Prof. H. H. Male Formerly Professor of Chemistry in University College 1883 63 Heart affection
Cawthra, Mr. Henry Male Capitalist 1904 74 Gout
Carless, Mr. James Male For many years Bible depositary 1870 80 General decay
Creelman, Mr. William Male Commission merchant 1862 62 General decay
Cooney, Rev. R. Male Wesleyan Minister 1870 69 General breaking-up
Cheyne, Mrs. Female Robert Cheyne 1901 58 General break-up, cancerous affection
Carman, Rev. Albert Male Emeritus Superintendent, Methodist Church 1917 84 General break-up