Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Champion, Mr. Thomas Male 1854 Cholera
Cliff, Mrs. Jean A. Female Charles R. Cliff 1956
Cordingley, Audrey Mary Female 1951
Chadwick, Canon Frederick A. P. Male 1952
Cleaver, Dr. Ernest Edgar Male 1946
Cockshutt, Mrs. Anna Isabelle Female Henry Cockshutt 1944
Clarkson, Dr. C. Harold Male 1952
Collings, Mr. William H. Male 1961
Crotty, Mr. T. Gordon Male 1956
Colborne, Dr. William Herbert Male 1952
Cordingley, Margaret Female 1961
Cummins, Lt.-Col. Franklin Male 1945
Campbell, Dr. Colin Alexander Male 1954
Chew, Mr. John Male Secretary to the Superintendent of Indians 1806
Clark, Mr. Cedric Rupert Male 1946
Cleaver, Mrs. Lillian Mary Female Ernest E. Cleaver 1956
Copeland, Mr. Margaret Lavinia Male 1947
Creed, Mrs. Dorothy Female Jack Creed 1956
Collins, Hon. John Male 1795
Coonan, Tedd Francis Male 1965
Craw, Rev. Robert Wilson Male 1945
Calow, Mrs. Female John Calow 1957
Christie, Hon. Loring Male 1941
Clute, Mr. Arthur Roger Male 1952
Crooks, Mr. William Male Formerly M. P. P.,
Currey, Mr. Matthew Male 1938
Campbell, Mr. Graham Male 1955
Case, Mr. H. Reginald Male 1956
Chisholm, Mr. Brock Male 1971
Clancy, Deborah Female 1968
Carpmael, Mr. Charles H. Male Director of the Meteorological Service 1894
Clutterbuck, Dr. Herbert Ernest Male 1952
Currie, Dr. Charles John Male 1943
Clark, Mrs. Adelaide Female Malcolm Clark 1945
Clark, Mr. Delmar A. Male 1961
Crawford, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Female 1953
Crouch, Ellen Female 1955
Campbell, Mrs. Vera Female Hugh A. Campbell 1955
Clarke, Mr. Henry William Male 1946
Cook, Florence Adelaide Female 1949
Currie, Dr. George Male 1959
Chisholm, Mr. Duncan Henry Male 1948
Connor, Dora Female 1958
Carroll, Kimberley Female 1965
Carr, Emily : Emily Carr [self-portrait, ca 1899]
Carruthers, Mr. F. M.
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