Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Currie, Sir Arthur Male 1933
Carr, Mr. Robert Male 1956
Charles, Henrietta Elizabeth Female 1947
Clarke, Mr. Randall Livingstone Male 1946
Coates, Mr. William J. Male
Campbell, Mr. M. S. Male 1941
Cashman, Mr. Charles P. Male 1958
Cowles, Mr. John P. Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Joseph T. Male 1937
Crozier, Lt.-Col. James Alexander Male 1951
Caouette, Mr. Joseph David Real Male 1976
Curry, Dr. Benjamin James Male 1942
Cameron, Hon. Duncan Male 1838
Carr, Mr. W. R. Male 1955
Coates, Mrs. Female William Coates
Cole, Mr. T. Bert Male 1946
Campbell, Mr. Andrew Roy Male 1958
Carter, Ruth A. C. Female 1965
Copp, Prof. Walter P. Male 1946
Campeau, Mr. Etienne Male 1795
Christopher, Mr. Edward Male 1952
Clarke, Mr. Robert J. Male 1951
Cook, Mrs. Female Norman E. Cook 1958
Cunningham, Mr. Richard J. Male 1960
Coste, Dr. Robert Maxwell Male 1953
Cressman, Mr. Donald Male 1965
Conrad, Mr. Harold S. Male 1957
Campbell, Mr. Bert Male 1956
Chamberlain, Mrs. Katherine Sarah Female Frederick Chamberlain 1946
Cousins, Dr. A. D. Male 1947
Cameron, Mr. W. Selby Male 1856 Drowned
Clavir, Mrs. Alta Female A. M. Clavir 1957
Coughlan, Mrs. Olive Female Timothy A. Coughlan 1948
Clarke, Mr. T. G. Male
Crombie, Mr. Ernestus M. A. Male 1883
Coste, Mr. Euguene Male 1940
Caskey, Mr. Herbert K. Male 1957
Chamberlin, Mr. Brown Male 1897
Clark, Mr. Malcolm Lawrence Male 1955
Clawson, Mr. William H. Male 1971
Craigie, Mr. William Male 1872
Coatsworth, Judge Emerson Male 1943
Cunningham, Mr. Thomas Male 1965
Childs, Mr. George G. Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Malcolm Neil Male 1944
Carrall, Hon. R. W. W. Male 1879
Crombie, Mr. Marcus C. Male Headmaster of Toronto Grammar School 1852
Campbell, Mr. P. Male 1856 Drowned
Carleton, Mr. John Male 1954
Crawford, Mr. Thomas J. Male 1956