Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Conn, Rev. James R. Male 1949
Clayson, Hon. William Herbert Male 1958
Crowfoot, Male 1890
Cotton, Dr. James Henry Male 1952
Cobb, Mrs. Ella May Female H. S. Cobb 1959
Collett, Mrs. Bessie Louise Female Norman Collett 1956
Choquette, Mr. Robert H. Male 1939
Constantine, Maj.-Gen. C. F. Male 1953
Clench, Mrs. Female Ralfe Clench 1850
Cowan, Mrs. Lily M. Female 1961
Coffman, Mr. W. Male 1965
Creighton, Mrs. Female William B. Creighton 1946
Connable, Mr. Ralph Male 1939
Cameron, Mrs. Hilda M. Female Wallace B. Cameron 1954
Carscallen, Mr. Henry Male 1955
Cawthra, Mrs. Ada Female H. Victor Cawthra 1947
Cherry, Mr. Percy G. Male 1954
Court, Mr. Frederick Walter Male 1960
Colquhoun, Dr. Arthur Hugh Urquhart Male 1936
Charlesworth, Mrs. Katherine Female Hector Charlesworth 1944
Cassels, Harriet Frances Female 1952
Chorley, Mr. Jim Male 1972
Clousten, Mr. Robert Male
Cowan, Rev. Dr. Hugh Male 1943
Connable, Mrs. Harriet Female Ralph Connable 1945
Capstick, Mrs. Charlotte Female Albert Edward Capstick 1957
Carson, Lady Female Frederick Carson 1944
Cockin, Flt.-Sgt. Edwin Mills Male 1944
Colquhoun, Mr. Charles Matthew Male 1943
Church, Miss. Rebecca Mary Female 1945
Cobden, Mrs. H. J. Female 1952
Colley, Mrs. Alice Martha Female Harry Colley 1948
Callaghan, Mr. Hugh John Male 1960
Corp, Mr. Felice Roy Male 1946
Cartwright, Winifred Macauley Female 1953
Clendenan, Dr. Douglas Gilmour Male 1957
Cooper, Mr. William Henry Male 1952
Corrigan, Dr. Samuel Harvey Male 1942
Clendenan, Mae Female 1954
Cameron, Rev. Carson J. Male 1945
Cayley, Mrs. Agnes Female A. D. Cayley
Crowther, Mr. Ernest Male 1945
Cotton, Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Male 1947
Collie, Ruth Female
Currie, Mr. Thomas Dickson Male 1960
Clarke, Mr. Charles Langton Male 1936
Coleman, Lt. F. J. A. Male 1944
Creise, Mr. Hebron G. Male 1954
Cockram, Mr. William Male 1957
Carrick, Olive Mary Female 1956