Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Carr, Emily : Emily Carr [self-portrait, ca 1899]
Carruthers, Mr. F. M.
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Coltman, Hon. William Bacheler Male Executive and Legislative Councillor of Lower Canada. 1826
Charters, Mr. Robert James Male 1965
Crawford, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Female 1953
Crouch, Ellen Female 1955
Corbett, Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd Female W. T. Corbett
Currie, Dr. Charles John Male 1943
Cameron, Sadie Female 1958
Clark, Major James H. Male 1952
Cameron, Mr. Duncan N. W. Male
Canniff, Mr. John Male 1843
Cochran, Mr. Robert Alexander Male
Cassidy, Dr. Harry M. Male 1951
Carlisle, The Rt. Rev. Arthur Male 1943
Currie, Dr. George Male 1959
Chetwynd, Mr. William Ralph Male 1957
Colling, Mr. John Knowles Male 1943
Campbell, Mr. William R. Male 1946
Crawford, Janet MacNeil Female 1946
Campbell, Mr. George Herbert Male 1952
Cardinal, Mr. James Male 1960
Chace, Ethlwyn B. Male 1958
Chetwynd, Mr. William Ralph Talbot Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Basil Male 1971
Cleary, Archbishop Male 1848
Combs, Mr. Robert Henley Male 1941
Crockett, Mrs. Jean E. Female Edwin Crockett 1953
Collinge, Mr. Raymond H. Male 1955
Counsell, Mr. John Leitch Male 1940
Coo, Mrs. Emma Female Thomas John Coo 1946
Cuthbert, Mr. James S. Male 1946
Cliff, Mr. Henry W. Male 1956
Cottle, Mr. Frederick George Male 1959
Coke, Mrs. Cherith Esme Female Edward F. Coke 1954
Camm, Mr. William Male 1946
Chadburn, Mr. William Roy Male 1957
Cockshutt, Mr. William Foster Male 1939
Coombs, Prof. Frederick E. Male 1939
Chapman, Mrs. Female George Alexander Chapman 1957
Chisholm, Marion Dashwood Female 1946
Coker, Mr. Ralph Male 1952
Chadwick, Canon Frederick A. P. Male 1952
Cleaver, Dr. Ernest Edgar Male 1946
Cockshutt, Mrs. Anna Isabelle Female Henry Cockshutt 1944
Cox, Mrs. Female Hubert C. Cox 1957
Cunningham, Dr. J. B. Male Doctor 1856 Consumption
Clarkson, Dr. C. Harold Male 1952
Cowan, Mr. Nicholas Eugene Male 1947