Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Bennett, Mr. Thomas H. Male Saddler 1894 58 Heart disease
Baldwin, Rev. E. Male Canon, St. James' Cathedral 1876 50 Heart disease
Briscoe, Mr. William Male Carriage builder 1891 74 Heart disease
Brown, Mr. Thomas Male Bookbinder 1867 39 Heart disease, consumption
Burns, Mr. John Male Printer 1899 66 Heart failure
Burns, Mr. John Male Formerly china merchant 1902 68 Heart failure
Benjamin, Mr. Alfred D. Male Metal merchant 1900 54 Heart failure
Boddy, Rev. J. S. Male Former Rector, St. Peter's Church 1905 79 Heart failure
Blake, Mrs. Rebecca Female S. H. Blake 1901 63 Heart failure
Back, Mr. William Male General Dry Goods 1917 74 Heart failure
Baines, Mr. C. C. Male Broker 1904 59 Heart failure
Brown, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Female John Brown 1899 61 Heart failure
Boyle, Mr. Patrick Male Publisher, "Irish-Canadian" 1901 68 Heart failure
Boultbee, Mr. Alfred Male Lawyer 1901 75 Heart failure
Burgess, Mr. Colin Male Formerly a famous leader of Negro minstrel shows 1905 65 Heart failure
Ball, Dr. Jerrold Male Physician 1913 67 Heart failure after operation
Brock, Mr. William R. Male Wholesale dry goods 1917 81 Heart trouble?
Boomer, Mr. James Male Insurance agent 1904 56 Hemorrhage of stomach
Box, Mrs. P. L. Female 1864 66 Inflammation of bowels
Berkinshaw, Mrs. Catherine Female John Berkinshaw 1892 64 Inflammation of bowels
Burns, Mr. W. H. Male Barrister 1868 36 Inflammation of lungs
Bright, Mrs. Jane Female Washerwoman 1872 73 Inflammation of lungs
Booth, Mr. S. Male Painter 1858 56 Inflammation of tube leading from bladder
Bowden, Mrs. Margaret Female J. W. Bowden 1878 42 Inflmmation
Bilton, Mr. Thomas Male Tailor 1872 60 Influenza of lungs
Botsford, Mr. John D. Male Formerly blacksmith 1885 77 Kidney disease, etc.
Brodie, Mr. J. L. Male Managing Director, Standard Bank 1894 55 Kidney trouble
Booth, Mr. Samuel Male Carpenter 1882 45 Killed by railway at Manson, N.W.Terr.
Burke, Mr. S. Eyre Male Commercial traveller 1875 41 Killed by rowdies
Brown, Mr. George Male Builder 1872 46 Killed in a drunken brawl at Riddell's
Bryer, Catherine Female School teacher 1857 Killed New York Central R. R., near Syracuse
Brown, Mr. Robert Charles Male 1891 18 Killed when thrown from a sulkey [sic]
Brett, Mr. James Male Clerk 1867 39 Killed while jumping on C.N. cars at Malton
Beswick, Mr. James Male Assessor, former grocer 1890 67 La Grippe
Bastedo, Mr. John Male Hatter and furrier 1911 66 Lingering paralysis
Blight, Mr. William Male Insurance inspector 1891 76 Liver complaint
Brown, Mrs. Female Thomas Brown 1863 61 Liver complaint
Bain, Mr. James Male Ex-bookseller and librarian 1908 65 Liver disease
Bilton, Mr. William George Male Merchant Tailor 1912 67 Neuritis
Beaty, Mr. James Male Ex-M.P., editor and leather merchant 1892 95 Old age
Browne, Dr. James Male Physician 1898 81 Paralysis
Burwash, Rev. Nathaniel Male Emeritus Principal, Victoria College 1918 79 Paralysis
Burke, Mr. William Male Retired builder 1899 77 Paralysis
Browne, Mr. Philip Male Broker 1901 77 Paralysis
Baxter, Mr. John Male Ex-Alderman and Assistant Police Magistrate 1895 69 Paralysis
Beard, Mr. Joshua G. Male Coal merchant 1866 60 Paralysis
Brough, Mr. Theodore G. Male General Manager, Dominion Bank 1906 51 Paralysis
Berkenshaw, Mr. Thomas Male Retired grocer 1884 63 Paralysis
Boulton, Mr. John B. Male Gentleman 1882 54 Paralysis
Barrass, Rev. Edward Male Methodist Minister 1898 76 Paralysis