Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Bacon, Miss. Mary Female 1859 15 Dropsy, etc.
Boxall, Mr. John Male Tinsmith, etc 1873 44 Dropsy, etc. result of dissipation
Boyd, Mr. John Male Ex-Assistant City Treasurer and merchant 1901 73 Dropsy, general break-up
Blair, Mr. John Male Tavern-keeper 1863 46 Drowned in River Don
Burton, Sir George W. Male Chief Justice 1901 83 Effect of extreme heat
Buckley, Miss. Annie Female 1862 13 Effect of scalds
Baird, Mrs. Mary Jane Female Wife of tavern keeper 1866 28 Effects of confinement
Burns, Mr. Patrick Male Coal merchant 1915 77 Effects of Grippe
Bethune, Rev. A. N. Male Bishop of Toronto 1879 78 Erysipelas
Brown, Mr. Richard Male Wholesale stationer, etc. 1920 86 General break down
Beard, Mr. George J. Male Former coal merchant 1892 58 General break-up
Blevins, Mr. John Male City clerk 1900 70 General break-up
Buchan, Mr. John Male Ex-Messenger, Post Office Dept. 1894 90 General break-up
Baines, Mr. Arthur H. Male Clerk in Consumers Gas W. 1913 46 General break-up
Beardmore, Mr. Walter D. Male Leather merchant 1915 65 General break-up
Blackstock, Rev. W. J. Male Methodist Minister 1905 81 General break-up
Butt, Mrs. Sara Female Ephraim Butt 1903 80 General break-up
Bacon, Mr. John Male Retired dry goods merchant 1889 77 General break-up
Beatty, Mr. William H. Male Barrister 1912 77 General break-up
Beaumont, Mr. W. R. Male Surgeon 1875 72 General break-up
Brennan, Mr. Hamilton Male Formerly porter for Gas Co. 1887 82 General break-up
Brent, Mr. J. W. Male Accountant 1888 82 General break-up
Burns, Mr. William Robert Male Ex-Grocer 1898 76 General break-up
Bright, Mr. John Male Formerly butcher 1887 94 General break-up
Blake, Hon. S. H. Male Barrister 1914 78 General break-up
Barber, Mr. Robert Male Flour inspector, produce merchant 1906 64 General break-up, paralysis
Brown, Mr. Thomas J. Male Bookbinder 1862 72 General decay
Bloor, Mr. Joseph Male Formerly Brewer 1862 74 General decay
Blake, Hon. W. H. Male Late Chancellor 1870 61 Gout
Boultbee, Mr. William Male Civil Engineer 1902 70 Gout
Brown, Miss. Annie Female 1891 21 Haemorrhage after inflammation of bowels.
Bexey, Mr. Charles Male Late postmaster 1858 63 Hanged himself, drink, insane
Bourman, Mr. Arthur M. Male 1919 74 Hardening of arteries
Burruss, Mr. Grayson Male Clerk, Canada Life Assurance 1916 49 Hardening of arteries
Badenach, Mr. William Male Accountant 1897 58 Hardening of brain
Burns, Dr. J. H. Male Physician 1897 52 Heart disease
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Richard Brown 1909 70 Heart disease
Black, Mr. Davidson Male Barrister 1886 41 Heart disease
Booth, Mrs. Mary Female George Booth 1892 67 Heart disease
Bell, Mr. John Male Lawyer 1875 64 Heart disease
Bolster, Mr. Lancelot G. Male Superintendent Water Company 1871 50 Heart disease
Butt, Mr. Richard H. Male Insurance agent 1918 70 Heart disease
Bishop, Rev. James H. Male Pastor, Elm Street Wesleyan Methodist Church 1869 41 Heart disease
Briscoe, Mr. William Male Carriage builder 1891 74 Heart disease
Barnard, Mrs. Female John Barnard 1885 63 Heart disease
Bendelari, Mr. Enrico Male Wine merchant, Italian Consul 1888 48 Heart disease
Bowes, Mrs. Anne Female J. G. Bowes 1876 60 Heart disease
Bohner, Mr. Charles Male Musician 1899 65 Heart disease
Bennett, Mr. Thomas H. Male Saddler 1894 58 Heart disease
Baldwin, Rev. E. Male Canon, St. James' Cathedral 1876 50 Heart disease