Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Bunning, Mrs. Female Austin Bunning 1957
Black, Mary F. Female 1960
Blandy, Mr. Oliver Male 1960
Brown, Mr. Walter Theodore Male 1954
Berthelot, Mr. Amable Male Author 1848
Blaise, Mr. Eugene M. Male 1952
Brodrick, Mr. Peter W. D. Male 1943
Burgess, Mrs. Amy Bell Female Herbert W. Burgess 1952
Bartley, Kathleen M. Female 1962
Blackburn, Mr. Peter Male 1948
Boulton, Miss. Constance Rudyerd Female 1940
Brown, Mr. Gerald Alfred Male 1944
Bunt, Mrs. Sarah E. Female William T. Bunt 1952
Beland, Senator H. S. Male 1935
Benigna, Mother Mary Female 1946
Bergin, Dr. Darby Male 1896
Biggar, Mr. Oliver Mowat Male 1948
Boulton, Mr. Edward Male
Buntin, Mr. Alexander Male 1893
Balmer, Mr. Newman Charles Male 1955
Black, Mr. Arthur J. Male 1956
Bosworth, Rev. Newton Male 1848
Benjamin, Miss. Muriel R. Female 1944
Bethune, Dr. William Male 1953
Bowles, Mr. Alex C. Male 1956
Balas, Mr. Konstantin Male 1970
Brokenshire, Mr. Henry A. Male 1956
Beattie, Mr. William Walter Male 1934
Buntin, Mr. James Male 1861
Balmer, Mrs. Alma Mae Female H. Clark Balmer 1947
Beard, Miss. Mary Female 1947
Becher, Mr. Henry Cosey Rowley Male 1884
Benjamin, Mr. George Male Journalist 1864
Bethune, Mr. Donald Male
Bleasdell, Mr. Douglas Ralph Male 1958
Bowles, Mr. G. Wilfred Male 1949
Breslin, Dr. Louis Judah Male 1952
Brown, Mr. William Easson Male 1957
Burn, Mr. William Scott Male Author and secretary of the County of York Building Society 1851
Byers, Judge Daniel R. Male 1944
Balderston, Sgt. E. A. Male 1945
Barton, Dr. Edward Robert Male 1957
Baggs, Mr. Herbert G. Male 1946
Benlian, Mr. Garabed Male 1960
Bowles, Mr. John Harvey Male 1944
Barker, Mr. Edward John Male 1884
Bellopp, Hon. C. Male 1827
Berthon, Mr. Charles Joseph Male 1959
Bryer, Catherine Female School teacher 1857 Killed New York Central R. R., near Syracuse
Baker, George Male 1851