Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Addison, Mrs. Eleanor C. Female William H. F. Addison 1948
Alexander, Sir William Male 1954
Auldjo, Major General John Richardson Male 1879
Alexia, Mother Mary Female 1948
Archer, Mr. Ronald Gordon Male 1958
Ashley, Mr. Charles Allan Male 1974
Arnot, Mr. J. Male 1955
Alline, Mr. Henry Male Clergyman and author. 1784
Aikins, Dr. Moses Henry Male 1921
Alford, Mr. John Male 1960
Armstrong, Mr. Norman A. Male 1957
Alford, Mr. John Newton Male 1952
Alderwood, Canon H. A. Male 1947
Adney, Mr. Edgar Tappan Male 1950
Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth Grace Female T. V. Anderson 1960
Alicia, Sister Mary Female 1947
Angle, Brig. H. H. Male 1950
Adams, Mr. Levi Male 1832
Allan, Dr. D. Gordon Male 1947
Anderson, Mr. Herbert McEwen Male 1957
Abraham, Mr. Robert Male 1854
Amos, Jessie Elizabeth Female 1958
Anglin, Dr. George Chambers Male 1948
Allen, Mr. John Male 1962
Armstrong, Brig. F. Logie Male 1945
Adams, Mr. Robert Alexander Male 1972
Archibald, Mr. Robert H. Male 1947
Amos, Mr. Robert John Male 1945
Appelbe, Mr. Robert Swanton Male Barrister 1904
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas Brown Male 1957
Archibald, Mrs. Margaret Female E. J. Archibald 1945
Alexander, Dr. Charles Cleland Male 1943
Appleby, Mrs. Katherine Leslie Female W. G. Appleby 1944
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas Wellington Male 1944
Ampleford, Mr. Leopold Male 1952
Austin, Judge Joseph Male 1871
Anderson, Rev. J. Norrie Male 1952
Armstrong, Dr. Frederick Robert Male 1946
Armstrong, Mr. William A. Male 1948
Armstrong, Dr. George Herbert Male 1956
Anderson, Mr. James L. Male 1944
Alexander, Mr. Edmund Walker Male 1954
Amy, Mr. Lacey W. Male 1962
Aird, Mr. Hugh R. Male 1971
Atkinson, Mrs. J. Female 1854 Cholera
Arthurs, Col. William Male 1887
Aird, Mr. Robert Male 1806
Angst, Mr. Joseph Male 1965
Alexander, Mr. Harry J. Male 1948
Aird, Mr. Robert Male 1806